Has the Whole World Gone Mad?

Or just ESPN and NFL Network?

With no real news to report (yes there have been plenty of articles about Brian Urlacher’s text messages, and parenting problems with the mother of his son, but those aren’t mentioned here), time for pontificating.

This won’t be the last time I complain on this subject, as soon I’ll be dissecting on this Blog The Sporting News’ opinion that Dallas and New Orleans are far and away the best teams in the NFL.

In its NFL Schedule Release show several months back, NFL Network called Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys “one of the all-time great quarterbacks”.? I almost fell out of my chair today as I was watching ESPN’s NFL Live.? On it, one of the hosts (didn’t catch which one) said Tony Romo had “perhaps the best five-game stretch a quarterback has ever had in history”.

HUH?? WHAT?? To refresh everyone’s memory, Tony Romo was an undrafted free agent picked up by Dallas in 2003 out of Eastern Illinois.? Being from the Chicago area, and the fact I went to an Illinois university with a class AA football program, I paid attention to Romo’s career and actually was hoping the Bears would have taken a shot at him that year.? Romo became a starter in 2006, had five very good starts at the beginning of 2006, then tailed off toward the end of the year.? He was voted to the Pro Bowl based on this incomplete season when the statistics showed, and many analysts agreed, that Rex Grossman had a better season than Romo.

I’m not a Tony Romo basher by far, but please someone tell me that Romo isn’t really one of the all-time greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, dispite what the Romo love-dribbling analysts on the networks are saying?

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  1. dallasbearsfan on July 14th, 2007 at 12:23 pm

    Is it just me or didn’t Tony Romo have the same kind of 2006 season that Rex Grossman did. Starts off on fire, gets figured out, and is inconsistent afterwards. Besides, what has Wade Phillips ever done?

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