Harder Offense, Better Orton?

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune writes today that Kyle Orton has a better chance of success in Denver, because the Broncos’ offense is more difficult than the Bears.

Really?¬† I’ve been reading football stories for 30 years (hate to say that but it’s true) and this is the first time I’ve ever read that a more difficult offensive system will make a marginal quarterback better.

Always interesting.

3 Responses to “Harder Offense, Better Orton?”

  1. Isn’t Orton’s greatest weakness (oxymoron?) that he stares down his receivers? In a more complicated offense, wouldn’t that just get worse? So far it has, but I’m just a sales guy that dabbles in poor football analysis so what do I know?

  2. dan pompei really must be brilliant or off his rocker. how can a difficult scheme help anyone out. the old saying of KISS applies to almost everything. and i would put football in that category. if you can run the ball everytime for 4 yrds than thats all you do. you start all that extra crap when you cant do the simple things. i dont think that kyle will do well there at all. its more of a passing team where kyle will most likely show his flaws then when he was in chicago. cutler will most likely have a down yr as far as stats but a better QB rating.

  3. Can somebody please go to the offensive coordinators house and punch him in the face…..

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