Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone enjoy the Holiday.  No games going on that have anything to do with our Bears.  Sure, the Lions are playing, but since they’ve been irrelevant since the mid-1990′s, that doesn’t matter.  How I pity Lions fans, I really do.

Sven, have some turkey with us tomorrow even though you won’t have the day off!  I’ll be thinking about you watching the late game on Sunday night when we’re hopefully taking care of the overhyped Eagles.

3 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Thanks Roy. Our partners invited us to the restaurant today, so I was able to order and eat some duck for lunch (no turkey though, but I thought that’s pretty close).
    As for Sunday night, I have to convince my wife I’ll have to stay up late drinking beer and yelling in front of the TV screen until 1 in the morning

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their families.

  3. Thanksgiving was great over here Sven. Go Bears-hope the wife lets you partake on Sunday!

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