Get Don Banks a Drool Cup

In case you haven’t heard today, Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks moved the Green Bay Packers from 19th to 3rd in his NFL power rankings based on their performance in the preseason.  Let me repeat, based on the performance in the preseason, facing vanilla defenses fielded by teams that don’t care whether they win the game or not.

Here are direct quotes from Banks:

“It’s hard not to be impressed by the midseason form the Packers achieved in August.”


“I know, most preseasons are meaningless, but Green Bay might have been the exception to the rule this year.”

4 Responses to “Get Don Banks a Drool Cup”

  1. The Bears will do the talking on the field.
    Then he will quickly switch to hanging from their jocks.

  2. Hey the lower the Bears are ranked, the better. They play better with a chip on their shoulder it seems, at least the defense. There were like 20 ESPN analysts making predictions and I think just one picked the Bears to win the division. I put stock into the preseason, Forte looked really good in last year’s preseason and he did the same thing in the regular season. To take a team from 19th to 3rd though is quite a jump…he screwed up somewhere.

  3. Perno,
    I could not agree more.
    The Bears have gotten a huge amount of mileage from being “dissed”

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I remember the Bears feeling disrespected in the preseason polls in 06 and them playing lights out.
    The path to the Super Bowl was paved by da Bears feeling slighted.

    Then they became the darlings of the NFC (until Grossman started to have meltdowns) and as Denny Green said.
    “If you want to crown them, then crown ‘em!”

    Green Bay and Minnesota have been overrated this preseason.

    I believe when the games start to count the Bears will look pretty darn good.
    It is also relieving to finally have an offense that could put up numbers if trailing late in the game.

    GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Lions went 4-0 last year in the preseason. The end.

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