Final Favre Word

Had to make one more post before I have to sign off for the next few days.

I knew it.  I knew it.

Of course, so did a lot of other people.  And what had I thought a month ago?  That Favre was pulling this to miss roughly two weeks of camp?  Seems about right.

This should be interesting.

2 Responses to “Final Favre Word”

  1. One thing is it definitely takes some focus off the Bears, so now they can start with that whole “no respect” thing, which I think they kind of need.

  2. Yeah, on paper, the Vikes are probably the favorite to win the division now, just because of their existing run game and defense. Now they have someone that might actually be able to get the ball to Berrian deep. So I agree, it probably takes the focus/attention off of the Bears. Could be a good thing. I think the NFC North got a lot more interesting. Prior to Favre signing, I thought we would win the division somewhat easily.

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