Diva Favre Saga Set to Continue

I’m sure everyone is aware of this, but yesterday the New York Jets granted Brett Favre his unconditional release.  This is what Favre sought one year ago, but was not granted, by the Green Bay Packers, forcing the trade of Favre to the Jets.

After Favre retired following his 2008 unretirement, Favre stated he was done.  But according to profootballtalk.com, he (through agent Bus Cook) has again been begging for his release.

I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that come summer if not sooner, Favre will be angling to come back and play for the Vikings after all.  He and some Viking fans’ opinion may be that with all the rest of the pieces in place (talented receivers, NFL’s best running back, solid defense), Favre would be the missing piece at quarterback.  And I think this may very well happen.

So does profootballtalk.

I also thing it has a great chance of being very, very comical.  We shall see.

I have nothing against Favre the quarterback.  Favre the Diva is getting real tiring.

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  1. you know what, let favre come back and play for the vikings. favre’s career is getting less and less “magical” the more it gets played out. let the vikings and the packers go at each other for the right of their “guy”. please! unfortunaly for all the nfc north, jay is the man! and with jay, forte, and olsen and the defense back to form. bears will be the team to beat. favre, please! give me a break. from what i hear to, the guy has to have his own section of the locker room. stays at his own hotel , not with the team. what a clown shoe

  2. Hey Roy we should orchestrate a little pool on here to guess when we think Favre will come back out of retirement again. I’ll take the week of July 19-25 :D just being funny

  3. I hate Brett Favre, but I hate the media more. Unless Brett has surgery he won’t be able to play anyway. He is proably just getting released from the Jets so that he can sign a one day contract with Green Bay and retire a Packer. Then again, if you hear about him getting surgery on his arm, look out. I hope he does come back to the NFC North so he can lose to the Bears one more time.

  4. Make that two more times.

  5. Um, whatever. If I remember correctly, his shoulder was ready to fall out of the socket. He also sucked again in cold weather, and led the league in INTs. I would love to see him on the opposing sidelines in December at Solider Field again.

  6. Robert Carl Parisien Natick MA on May 3rd, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    I dont understand why the Vikings didn’t draft a good quarterback. They have nothing now. Even if Favre comes back he’s far from a long term solution.

  7. This isn’t a Vikings post. Please leave as your team wears purple. The Vikings didn’t draft a quarterback because they were upset that they took a playoff spot away from the Bears and didn’t do anything with it. This is an outdoors site please go to an indoor site if you want to make comments.

  8. higgins the title of the conversation is brett favre. that means we talk about all things farve. if the fact that there is speculation that he could go to the vikings bothers you, go indoors. whatever that means

  9. I didn’t mean to insult you or your man friend. Yes, it bothers me, as this is a Bears website. Also, I hate spending so much time talking about the longest playing mediocre quarterback in history. Even by your own standards of what this particular blog should be about(everything Brett Favre), what the Vikings did or didn’t do in the draft falls out of bounds, as they would still be expoloring the possibility of picking him up even if they had drafted Stafford.

  10. higgins, what in the world are you talking about? you didn’t insult anyone (i think) or whoever you think my “man friend” is. is that a joke on how you may think favre is my boy? I agree, i wish favre would vanish into his lil farm or whatever but its the offseason and this will happen for the next 5 years maybe. do you remeber about the talk af barry sanders coming back for years after he left. this is gonna happen again next year. like it or not. its not what this blog “should” be about, its what it is about, period. read the title! and i have no idea what your saying about the vikings draft. i don’t think they drafter a qb. they certainlty were not going to get stafford

  11. Nevermind… …just nevermind. Go Bears!! I can’t wait to see our defense absolutely maul people!!

  12. amen to that!! wonering why it was that our D got little to no pressure on the QB last year and if you think that Rod M and our draft picks will be able to turn that around. from what i hear Lovie is taking over the D playcalling.

  13. Higgins you make me laugh. “Your team wears purple” and “This is an outdoors site please go to an indoor site if you want to make comments.” Classic.

  14. Thank you. Somebody got it. I was beginning to think that my typing was unreadable.

  15. Yes. The Vikings and Farve are talking. Sweet! I can’t wait until he throws nine interceptions to the Bears next year. I can’t wait until the Bears end the career of the most over-rated quarterback of all time.

  16. Yeah I hope they sign him so the Bears can light him up once again. Don’t get me wrong, I have respect for any guy that can play in the NFL as long as Favre did without missing time to injury…but I’d like to see him thow MANY MANY MANY more INT’s!

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  18. Farve is perhaps the toughest QB I have seen. I think that he may be finished but there is something there tugging at his heartsrings. Money!

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