Diva Done. Really? REALLY?

So we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief that Brett Favre will not be joining the Minnesota Vikings.  Right?  Or was there potential hilarity in the wind at the prospect of watching Favre toss 10 picks in his first 2 games?  Possibly.

As we all know, on Tuesday Favre informed the Vikings and the media that he will stay tired.  But I’m telling everyone..I don’t believe a thing that comes out of the Diva’s mouth anymore.  As profootballtalk put it, the Diva’s agent Bus Cook is still speaking of the decision “AT THIS TIME…”.

I really, really wish Brett would go away while I have an ounce of respect left for him.  But unfortunately I agree with profootballtalk…wouldn’t surprise me a bit if this turns out to be a ploy aimed at nothing more than missing the first 2 weeks of camp.  I hope the rest of the Vikings get messed up in the head for the season over this nonsense.

Now maybe it makes sense why marginal receiver Bobby Wade wants to stir the pot-he has enough problems of his own.

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  1. Haha why does it matter how good bobby Wade is, the fact is that Urlacher thinks Cutler is a P****. What do you think is going to happen first this season: Cutler throws a pick six and the camera zooms to Urlacher, or that Urlacher gets stuck on a block for 8 seconds on a 60 yard TD run and they zoom to Cutler…

  2. and….

    Wade: 53rec 645yds 2TD’s
    Hester: 51rec 665yds 3TD’s

    not exactly a landslide victory for your number 1 reciever over this mediocre reciever. By the way, how bout those sox???

  3. @Tim – Hester is just starting to finally learn the offense. This year is the big put up or shut up. We’ll see how he fares.

    I was sad when Favre said he wasn’t signing with the Vikes, that would have guaranteed an underachieving season for them. I, too, am sick of Favre’s shenanigans and have lost loads of respect for him the past few years.

  4. I right with ya on the whole Favre thing, watch for him to pull a Roger Clemens and try and join the team for the last quarter of the year/playoffs.

  5. Tim-I would trade Devin Hester the receiver and all of the rest of the Bears’ receivers for Minnesota’s receivers in a heartbeat if I could keep Hester the returner. I can’t argue your point that Wade’s and Hester’s receiving numbers aren’t much different. Do I think Bobby Wade is a good receiver after watching him drop passes and punts for 3 years here? Hell no. Would I trade Hester for Wade? Hell no. This post was actually about Favre and wanting to never hear from him again after the spectacle he’s chosen to make of himself the last 2 years.

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