Da Coach: Entertaining, Polarizing

I was glad to see nothing written on these comments in Friday morning’s Chicago Tribune, so I believe Mike Ditka’s comments from Thursday afternoon on ESPN Radio have not caused uproar, as some thought they would.

In case you missed it, Ditka told ESPN Radio in Miami that he has “zero sympathy” for Jenn Sterger.  And doubtful that you don’t know who Sterger is at this point, but she’s the young lady that indirectly is accusing Brett Favre of sending her unwanted attention and unwanted, graphic photos.  I’d post the link to the information on Deadspin.com, but A) You’ll find if if you want to see it and B), no way am I going to be responsible for one more person having to wipe those images from their memories forever.

Ditka said he had no sympathy for Sterger as a lot of people are.  He questioned whether the case is sexual harassment, and also the fact that she waited two years to go public with the information.  Apparently when Ditka’s call with the station ended, host Dan Le Batard told his audience that “I think Mike Ditka just got himself in trouble.”

Seriously, I get a little tired of people overreacting to polarizing people making polarizing off-the-cuff comments.  As far as Ditka questioning whether this is truly a case of sexual harassment, he may be correct.  And the reason I say this is what has been released so far is totally one-sided.  While I’m no Brett Favre fan-I used to have the utmost respect for him until the games he has played since 2008-we have no idea whether Sterger encouraged him to send the photos.  I find it impossible to believe that Favre would send such photos without encouragement, and at this point we don’t know if such encouragement existed.

So that’s my opinion and I don’t intend to bring it up again, and Ditka was just giving his when asked to do so.

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