Chicago Cubs Smoked 10-3

Jeez, it’s tough enough being a Chicago Bears fan…can’t imagine how tough it must be to be a Chicago Cubs fan.  Best record in the National League, dominated opponents for the most part, led many statistical categories.  Now they’re down 0-2 in the NLDS when they were clearly favored over the Dodgers.

WAIT.  I am a Cub fan!

I don’t know what to say.  I know this is a Bears blog, but damn.  I’ve been waiting since about 1980 for the Cubs to be in this good of a position.  And they’re sh*tting themselves again.

Did they peak a little too early in September?  The late season losses got them out of their groove?  The players too uptight every year come playoff time?  Players just don’t care?  Is there really a curse?  Four freaking errors to open the door to a 5-0 defecit?  Every time I turn around to make a margarita the Dodgers score another run?  Why do I care?

I abandoned baseball from about 1985-2003.  In 2003, I decided I was going to be a committed Cub fan watching every game until the team finally wins the world series.  And I’ve done so, every game since 2004.  But I’m now remembering why I abandoned them for 18 years.  I don’t know if I can take another year of high expectations and low playoff performance.

Enough of that.  This is exactly why I was purely a Bears fan for 19 years and nothing else.

This is Friday’s update.   What do you all think about Sunday at Detroit?  I’d like to think the Bears won’t serve up a letdown, but if we’re missing both Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher, I do fear the Lions, energized by the shedding of Matt Millen, could embarrass the Bears as they did twice in 2007.  But if the Bears play to their ability, it won’t happen.

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  1. How about those Cubbies. I proudly wore my Cub gear during last nights game and by the 6th inning decided to pack it away for the winter. I can’t handle the emotions envolved with being a cubs fan anymore. It is not healthy for me!!! I think the Bears chances on sunday are better than average this weekend in Detroit.The chips and homeade salsa from my garden will taste a heck of alot better on sunday when the bears win and I won’t be putting away any of my Chicago Bear appearal.

  2. Mikey, man, I have to get up to the other side of the cheese curtain and have some of your garden goods. Then you can help me become a better gardener, although for this first time this summer I did grow some edible tomatoes for the first time. Go Bears! Get your hands out my face!

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh! Why in the f*** did my father raise me to be a Cub fan? I grew up in the middle of Cardinal country, 60 miles East of St. Louis. All of my friends growing up were Cardinal’s fans. So, I have had to listen to 26 years of cocky a** Cardinal fans giving me s*** about my team’s futility. I can’t take it anymore. I woke up came to work and the very first email had I opened from a coworker had a man posing with a goat! The Bears will win Sunday. I have faith, just not in the Cubs.

  4. If we can win the turnover battle on Sunday, we should win the game easily, hands down. Even with the possibility of missing both of our starting cornerbacks, I have faith in Corey Graham and Trumaine McBride, especially given the way Kevin Payne and all of our linebackers are playing. Matt Forte should run wild on the GD Lions. I hope Kevin Jones gets more playing time, with the chance to redeem himself for last week’s fumble, and you know that if he gets in there, he’s gonna want to really put it to his former team that essentially gave up on him. Hester is due for his first return TD of ’08 as well…I can feel it. If we can avoid the turnover bug, I look for us to really come together as a team this week – offense, defense and special teams. Let’s do it – GO BEARS!

  5. As long as the team is focused, we should be alright at Detroit. We’re clearly better, we just have to take care of it. Our backup CBs are good enough to get by.

    As for the Cubs thing, there’s a simple solution: Start rooting for a real team. There’s one on the south side of town, give ‘em a look.


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