Brett Favre to Retire

Wow. Stunning, to this Chicago Bears fan, anyway.

Hats off to my sister who “broke” the story to me, as I was sealed in a courtroom preparing for a court case. My sister, Chicago Bears fan, is managing editor of a newspaper in north central Wisconsin of all places, so undoubtedly she and her staff will have their hands full today and in the near future. I won’t name her or her publication, to protect her from reprisal.

Though there is no official announcement, many sources are today breaking the news that Brett Favre is retiring following an 17-year career. Much of it was spent absolutely annihilating the Chicago Bears.

Wow. After his and his team’s 2007 season, I was sure Favre might play another five seasons. But why would he? This last year he broke most of the remaining career passing records he had yet broken. He lost to the Bears twice despite his team’s 13-3 overall record, and man, did he look cold in Soldier Field against a 40 mph wind and temperatures in the teens.

Though you’ll find several Bear fans that hate Brett Favre the person and the quarterback, and I hated what he did to my Bears for years, I salute Brett and his amazing career. And on the football field, I will be glad to see him go. We salute the beginning of the Aaron Rodgers era!! Here here!!

Seriously, what is bad about the retirement is now I know I am old. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When Favre started his first game for the Packers in 1992, I was 21 years old. The following season I said to myself, “I can’t wait until that guy retires. Has to happen someday. Wait, I’ll probably be 35 when that happens.”

Oops. I’ll be 37 soon.

Cheers, Brett.

2 Responses to “Brett Favre to Retire”

  1. Hey Roy,

    I was 12 and in seventh grade when Favre started his 1st game I’ll be 28 on May 21. I although not as old as you feel old too nonetheless. I know two Packer one whom I bowl with and another whom I work with. If this story is true I wonder if I’ll be seeing them this week.

  2. John Munzenmaier on March 5th, 2008 at 10:07 am

    As a native Iowan who moved to Atlanta in 1975, I can well remember Brent Favre’s rookie season with the Falcons in 1991. I was 45 at the time, and I will be 62 in August. When ex-Falcon coach Jerry Glanville traded Favre to the Packers in ’92, I never dreamed that that trade would reap so much havoc on our team during most of those years. Let us hope that Favre’s replacement Aaron Rodgers does not have the same success against us.

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