Brad Biggs Moves to Tribune

Little off the beaten path today.  It gets very old having nothing more to talk about than how bad the Chicago Bears are, how they’ve dug themselves a hole from which they won’t recover until the GM’s contract runs out four years ago, and how their rivals miraculously bounce back from adversity to stay strong most years.

I’ve been reading Bears news in the local papers since the late 1970′s (ouch), and it’s surprising to see the same guys in the media staying on the Bears beat for many years.  So I was surprised to read a Chicago Tribune article with a byline from Brad Biggs, the Sun Times Bears reporter for the last 15 years or so.

Indeed, on December 8th Biggs made the jump to the Trib.  And I was surprised to see Biggs’ popular Inside the Bears Blog still active on the Sun Times’ site.  I thought they might quickly remove all references to his time there, but to their credit they haven’t.  Must bring them enough traffic in these tough times for the print media industry.

A few years back after I started these sites, I convinced myself that I had missed my calling, my true dream job, to be a Bears beat reporter for a living.  So I started freelancing, covering high school football, thinking that one day I just might somehow take the less-traveled road to get to that dream.  In the meantime, the print media industry and journalism as a career is falling apart.  It’s a blessing I didn’t pursue that route after all.  Sometimes things work out even when they seem like they’re not, right?

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  1. Aaron Rodgers thinks the bears suck and he said thay play like girls ,and got Lucky last time thay played .

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