Benson Busted Again

Well, well, well.  Bears fans endured crowing from Bengals fans in 2009, and from Cedric Benson himself, when the runner bowled over the Bears in a lopsided Bengals win.  The Bears were stupid for ever releasing Benson due to a lackadaisical approach to his job, and several run-ins with the law.  We would see, they said, that Benson had changed and would become the dominant runner he was supposed to be coming out of college.

It’s being reported today that Benson was arrested after being accused of punching the employee of a bar in Austin, Texas on May 30th.

According to the article in the Austin Statesman, Benson not only threw the punch, but also spit blood from his injured lip at an employee while he was being escorted from the premises.  Nice work, Ced.

As I maintained in 2009, as I felt when the Bears selected Benson, as I feel today, Benson has done nothing to change my opinion that he will find himself out of the NFL due to his own actions.

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  1. Innocent until proven guilty…but I hope that it’s true, just to confirm to everyone that this guy is a worthless piece of garbage.

  2. Glad to see this piece of garbage is back in the news and is once again showing the world he’s a tried and true loser. When all of the Ced BS played out a few years ago with his original run-ins with the law, he was lucky and fortunate to find a snake den of lawyers that found a way to get him off the hook. At the time, and even after he skated on those charges, I felt he was not the innocent victim, as he made sure to spout proudly and publicly with plenty of vindication. Now, even with getting a second and third chance, good old Ced is back to his old self again, a piece of garbage floating in the sewer.

    As I’ve written here before, this guy’s a complete loser, and he always will be. I never liked the guy when he was here, and lots of people felt that way. With any luck this latest incident will help ensure his mouth stays shut permanently this time instead of crying and whining all the time and blaming everyone else with his lies and accusations. Thanks for not letting us down again Ced, we knew you’d find a way to ruin yourself again. Nice work. Now get back to working with your lawyers to have them write (since you probably can’t) the statement you’ll soon be reading to us about why everyone else is wrong and you’re right.

  3. Agreed! The man is a turd. P.S.-It’s not hard to get a hundred yards rushing with Cincinnati’s line last year, Larry Johnson did it. The only accomplishment this man has had that is worhty of note is trying to go for the trifecta of dui’s. If he gets one by plane this man gets inducted into the driving under the influence Hall of fame.

  4. Typical. I never regretted the Bears letting this piece of garbage go.

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