As if You Didn’t Know

In case you had any doubt, it’s trickling out that our friend Brett Favre will indeed, most definitely be back in the NFL in 2009 playing for the Minnesota Vikings. is reporting the deal is in place.

As revolting as it sounds, would anyone else grudglingly be OK with the chosen one winning his Super Bowl with the Vikings just to get him to finally go the hell away? Of course I’d hate to see that, but I’d do about anything to make him go away for good at this point.

The prospects of Favre finally breaking down and limping off into the sunset in 2009 are more realistic, I think.

We shall see.

6 Responses to “As if You Didn’t Know”

  1. I can’t believe what I just read! Anyone besides The Beloved winning the Super Bowl is unacceptable! :)

  2. I second that. Favre has totally tarnished his legacy by playing these last two years.

  3. Mike Brown is a Kansas City Chief! I am glad he still gets to play football, and I am glad that we won’t have to face him. Good luck, Mike!

  4. No, I don’t want any team other than The Beloved to win the Super Bowl. Just a little sarcasm to express how much I’d like to see The Diva go away forever to his farm so no one has to hear from him ever again. Anyone know what Tonya Harding and Jeff Galooley are doing? They could probably make sure he can’t play at 40.

  5. Hell I’d love to see Favre in a Viking uniform. As badly as the Bears pass defense has been torched the last two years they’ve mauled him so badly since 2004 that he’s the best possible quarterback we could ever want the Vikings to have. I still have years of anger to work out over what he did to us from 1992-2003.

  6. No, I rather see his career end by leaving the field on the cart with a broken leg from a blitzing Urlacher. No titles for the purple panzies or the jeans salesman.

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