Arizona Republic Article

Doug Haller of the Arizona Republic included a little blurb from me in his article about the Super Bowl in popular culture today, called “Just How Did the Super Bowl get so…Super?”

Included in the article:

“Da Bears” rolled through the 1985 season with force and bravado seldom seen, even for a league known for such things. Then-coach Mike Ditka has said the team had “characters with character.” That might be selling them short. After all, it was quarterback Jim McMahon who mooned a media helicopter as it flew over the practice field.

“I would challenge anyone to come up with a more charismatic team, a team that did a better job of crossing over into American culture than the ’85 Bears,” said Roy Taylor, a Bears historian and author of

The whole article can be read here. Not as exciting as doing three television appearances in a week, but thanks anyway, Doug.

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