2011 Conference Championships

I pledged that I would always owe the New York Giants a debt of gratitude after that team shockingly upset the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin in 2007. My fondness for the Giants continued, even after they embarrassed the Bears in 2010.

Then this year, what do you know, the Giants again pulled off a complete shock by forcing a choke on the Packers at home, again. So it will always be hard for me to root against the GMen, no matter how much of a twerp Eli Manning is thanks to his 2004 draft day antics.

Given this, my loyalties in the NFC Championship game are mixed. I can’t root against Jim Harbaugh. Even if I didn’t already admire him based on his past with the Bears, I’d like him solely for what he’s done with the 49ers in one season.

So in the NFC Championship game, I’m going to sit back and enjoy. Normally I really wouldn’t care one way or another once the Bears and other NFC North teams were out of it, but I have to admit that these playoffs have been really interesting.

I really don’t care what happens in the AFC, but it would be cool for NFL fans to see an all-Harbaugh Super Bowl. They seem like a great family that would deserve that kind of good fortune.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Gotta root for the Giants for the reasons you mentioned. As much as I love Harbaugh, Niners already have five titles, and I can’t help but think of the numerous times in the 80′s and early 90′s they not only embarrassed the Bears (regular season and post season), but rubbed their noses in it.

  2. As a Bears fan who grew up in California during the Montana/Young era, I really got sick of the 49ers and find it hard to pull for them. It should be a good game, though I have feeling NE is going to take the whole thing at the end.

  3. Good points that I didn’t mention, guys. I HATED the 49ers in the 80′s and 90′s. Get sick of seeing the same teams win repeatedly (see Niners, Cowboys, Packers, and yes the Patriots). I never would have believed that I would ever feel good for the 49ers winning. The fact that they’ve been pretty bad for a decade, plus Harbaugh, makes me a little better with it.

  4. I didn’t like the 49ers then either, but whenever there’s an ex-Bear coaching I pull for that team, and Jim Harbaugh has really impressed me with the progress that they’ve made.

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