Drunk Bear Fans

I have some pretty good Chicago Bears Tailgating information and Photos on my www.BearsHistory.com site. But as far as humor goes, I’ve been outdone by this site I just stumbled upon: the Drunk Bear Fans blog.

I’ve been going to Soldier Field since I was 8 years old in 1979. At that time, I didn’t understand why so many guys got so sick and threw up at Bears games. And believe me, a game didn’t really go by in the 80′s without seeing someone hurl-often in comical ways, such as the guy I saw upchuck from the second level directly into a garbage can on the first level. Or guys throwing up on women in front of them. Or people passing around joints in the stands. Hard to believe people got away with that stuff back in the day, but they did.

Anyway, thanks to the Internet, now stupid public intoxication can be preserved forever, with comical results. Enjoy.

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