Dallas Cowboys Uniforms

I know, I hate that headline too but I have to try to drive traffic here to increase from the 2.5 daily visits I currently get.

While digitizing the 1992 Chicago Bears finale against the Dallas Cowboys, I realized I was finally going to do some Googling to find out why in the hell they have always worn what looks like one of those old mechanical label-machine labels on the back of their helmets.

Immediately, I see my buddy Paul Lucas with the Uni Blog on ESPN.com has the answer. It is indeed a Dyno Tape label, and one of the many annoying characteristics he points out with the Cowboys uniform. I love this guy’s blog, and I have to love him especially because he hates the Dallas Cowboys, as I do.

Anyone who has read my sites at all knows I’m fascinated with the Chicago Bears uniform and its history. So much so that when I was writing my book Chicago Bears History in 2004, I tracked down longtime Bears equipment manager Tony Medlin. I politely introduced myself, told him of my fascination and asked him if I could talk to him for my book. He didn’t seem to like me from the second I introduced myself, but threw down his card and told me to call him. I did, and e-mailed him, but he never responded to me.

The media has often mentioned what a good guy Tony is, and I’m sure he is, but for whatever reason he didn’t want to help me out. Oh well, the organization not having any respect for me or what I do hasn’t stopped me from blowing anything they’ve done away regarding Chicago Bears History.

4 Responses to “Dallas Cowboys Uniforms”

  1. read that article by paul lucas. that guy has got to get a life. if their uniform bothers him that much, turn off the set and do something else. i mean WOW!

  2. but this brings up something kinda fun. the look of “your” team. i think that the cowboys throwbacks are the coolest uniforms out there. chicago would be my number two cool look. with the steelers being in the top three also. i think that the new lions logo helps out what used to be more of an ink blot than a lion, so i can’t say that they are the worst anymore. i would have to say that the new 49ers is aweful, the dolphins i never liked and kansas city is horrid. nothing though like the throwback eagles , just embarassing.

  3. Terrill-how about the New York Jets/Titans, those are pretty bad too. OH THOSE Eagles throwbacks…the powder blue and yellow, yeah those are indeed horrid.

  4. you know, i actually kinda like the jets/titans look. i might be the only one. the old creamsickle bucs were junk. i prefer the old patriots with the guy hiking the ball to what they have now. i wish the bears would get rid of the orange jerseys.

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