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Yeah, I’m just a dope with a website, as the “real” media like to say.? But I do have a few contacts that are around Halas Hall every day.? And what I’m hearing is that in their opinion, it’s not just fan talk that Rex Grossman needs to produce Sunday night or face the first hook of his career.

Feeling is, this is it, which has been?the speculation?by outsiders.? Produce or take a seat.? And I’m glad to hear this.? I backed Rex Grossman through all the downs of 2006.? I really felt that in this contract year of his, coupled with another offseason of work, he was going to step it up and become the franchise quarterback the Bears have been seeking since about 1989.? And I hope to hell he does it this week against a Dallas defense that has been shredded through the air by inferior offenses.

And if he is pulled at halftime and replaced by Brian Griese, I have no idea if this is the right decision.? As others have commented on this blog, what if that doesn’t work?? You go to Kyle Orton, and if he sucks, go back to Grossman, and the Super Bowl window slams shut?

No matter what happens and what that leads to for the Bears long-term, I have to say it will be depressing to see the same guy that brought such energy to Soldier Field upon his return in 2005 booed off?the field and replaced by a career journeyman.

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  1. Relax dude, Rex hasn’t been terrible this year. He needs to pick it up, but I fully expect that he will. He is due to break out and is going to let it fly on Sunday night. I live in Maryland, so I am not being hammered with anti-Rex talk all the time. Don’t lose faith so quickly. Last year, for the most part when he had to produce he did. I expect a great game out of Rex this week and I am sure we will see it.

  2. Hey Rob, I appreciate you stopping by and posting. Keep up the Bears faith in Maryland.

    Believe me, I am not threatening to jump off the ship “fast”. I was squarely in his corner all last year, even defending him in an ESPN article about how everyone hated him. So if I jumped off his bandwagon next week, that certainly couldn’t be called a quick exit.

    BUT….if he is the achilles heel on this team, that has a Super Bowl window just cracked still, I don’t see how they don’t make a change. And I am NOT for changing for the sake of change, as I said who knows if Griese is the answer? I don’t know that he is, but hope he is if that’s what turns out happening. I’ve already written a piece on the history site about the long frustrating quarterback history since 1979, and this will just put us back to square one if Grossman is no longer the man.

    I respect your opinion and love seeing it posted here. Go Bears!

  3. You certainly don’t seem like a fairweather fan, and I don’t want to imply that you are. There is no question that Rex can frustrate fans like few players can. He can look like the best QB in the NFL and then in the same game make you scratch your head. The inconsistency is maddening. However, I do believe that the man can play and he can lead the Bears to the promised land. Certainly he needs to pick it up, but I am not convinced that the guys behind him offer anything remotely better.

    There is a great piece on the Sun-Times website by Mike Mulligan today. It basically argues that if Rex is replaced he should be moved out of Chicago.

  4. Rob,

    I think we’re on the same page. To be totally clear, I hope to God Rex Grossman pans out. I want him to be our franchise quarterback for the next 10 years. If he’s not, we’re right back to where we were at in 2002 before his arrival. Journeymen and unproven young guys at the position. But to do that, he has to produce consistently, obviously. I’m waiting for him to do so in his contract year.

    It’s possible the line truly has lost a step this year, and Cedric Benson has to prove himself for more than just one game. These things could be contributing to the quarterback’s problems, certainly.

    Mulligan’s article was good, but obvious. He’s a free agent next year so the development is over. If he’s benched, it’s over, and as I said we’re right back where we’ve been struggling to find a QB for…..well…..since Sid Luckman.

  5. I really think Rex has to go, he just isn’t a winner. He lulls people into believing he is okay but hten in big games he always messes up. You can tell by his fumbling problem the guy is just not a relaxed qb he never will be. I was just on this national site where they are taking a poll if Rex should be benched it is funny. pretty bad when there are polls on this.

  6. Yep, it’s time to pull the plug on Rex. On top of the dumb passes, this guy cannot evade a sack to make a play like we saw Romo do all night last night. We saw the fundemenatl difference between a good QB and a bad QB last night. Also, both QBs had passes dropped; only one bounced back form it. Rex is not a winner.

  7. Well, did he do it to us again? Did he show just enough brilliance and accuracy (ten yard run for first down, or the couple of series when he was dead on) to make us think that he is capable and therefore give him another chance? Tough call. It was interesting to hear Madden run through all the implications of giving him the boot (the bench, actually). All things that we are very much aware of, painfully.

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