You’re Welcome, Packer Fans

Well you’re really not welcome, but this is what happens on the Internet.

Someone in the Packer crowd had a poster, as shown on national television, listing the 21 Bears quarterbacks that have started for the Bears since Brett Favre took his first snap in 1992. I know damn well the first place to get that info is in my story on Chicago Bears Quarterbacks. So you’re welcome, Packer fans, next time why don’t you put on your sign where you got your information.

4 Responses to “You’re Welcome, Packer Fans”

  1. Actually, anyone can get that information themselves, with a little digging. It didn’t have to come from your page.

  2. Coco, I understand it’s possible. I’m not trying to sound high-and-mighty. But it’s not as easy as you say to compile that information. Someone researching that on their own would need a stack of back issues of the Chicago Bear Report or 16 Bears media guides from 1992-2006. There isn’t a resource easily available on this other than my site. Google “chicago bears quarterbacks since Favre” and see where I come up. It’s also possible that a Wisconsin paper recently ran an article with the same information. My opinion is, and it’s just my opinion, that they found me on Google and used it from there. Ironic that a Packer fan would use info from my site, is all I’m saying.

  3. Haha. I will indulge in a laugh at my own expense… which you will understand after I explain. This is how my reply was starting out: “Okay. I googled ‘bear’s quarterbacks’ instead of what you suggested,… clicked on and got a list of your QB’s from 1979-2006. It wasn’t so difficult to come up with the list of 21 since Favre. It’s quite possible that the poster held up during the game WAS inspired by your writings… but not necessarily so…” Pause. I start thinking that it’s a slight possibility that you may be connected to the ‘bearshistory’ website I was referring to, since I clicked on a link that initially brought me to your site and don’t really know where it’s source is. (as I don’t just frequent bears info) duh. Sure enough… you are the author of that article I was reading. oops. I apologize. I was/am impressed by your humble reply, and I humbly acknowledge my error… and realize that it is quite possible, and highly probable, that my fellow packer fan recieved their inspiration from you. I guess since you say ‘you’re welcome’, I will say a belated ‘thank you’, as it was a clever little sign that they concocted with Mr. Roy Taylor’s help. ;)

  4. That is funny, Coco. Yep, that’s what I was talking about. If they did get it from my site-there’s no problem with that. If I didn’t want people to find and use my research I wouldn’t do it. Not trying to sound like I thought there was something wrong with it. Although I do think it would be funny to insert a purposeful error in one of these lists so if I were to see something like that again, I’d know myself where it came from. That would be funny. Thanks for understanding where I’m coming from.

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