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So we’re just four days short of the 2009 NFL Draft, and I will freely admit that I am not the draft analyst this year that I have tried to be in years past.  Prior to the Cutler trade, my feeling was Kyle Orton and any rookie wide receiver was not going to translate to a winning Bears offense in 2009.  Now I’m excited as hell about the Bears offense with our new quarterback, but obviously not paying too much attention to the first round since the Bears are out of it.

What are your thoughts on who the Bears should or will take with their first pick?  I’m not even going to try to make recommendations or predictions, because we don’t have any idea right now what will be there for the taking.

I do predict that whomever the Bears choose with their first pick, it will be a surprise as has been the case many times in the Angelo era.  I don’t know about anyone else, but to me when the Bears took Charles Tillman (2003), Tank Johnson (2004), Mark Bradley (2005), Danieal Manning and Devin Hester (2006) and Dan Bazuin (2007), those guys were nowhere near being on my radar.  Obviously wide receiver and free safety are the greatest areas of need, but if the Bears truly believe the best available player on the board is an offensive or defensive lineman or a cornerback, I have no problem with them taking that player.  And I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see that happen.

Anything but drafting another David Terrell, Mark Bradley or Dan Bazuin please. has an article about three more questions facing the Bears, and today’s Sun-Times covers some prospects at safety for the Bears to consider.

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  1. I really don’t care what position the Bears draft as long as they are taking the best player. I would prefer receiver as our corps of guys is pathetic, but I feel that if there is a good prospect at Defensive end, safety or DB then that would make the defense that much stronger and with a nasty defense plus Cutler making teams respect us would still make us a force to be reckoned with.

  2. Totally agree with you guys, whomever the best player is, take him. I’d prefer an OL if they don’t go with a S or WR, but if there’s a great bargain at any position by all means.

    I’ll bet they take someone that has trended down, someone that was expected to be a first rounder at the beginning of the college season, but for one reason or another didn’t come busting out of the gates this year. They seem to like those guys.

  3. While it’s obvious we need a receiver, I’m starting to believe more than I did the last few weeks that whatever receivers the Bears value are not going to be on the board at 49, so I now think they will draft a safety. Based on what I’ve seen so far on this draft class, it seemed as though it was a deep WR draft, but now it sounds like most people are saying all the real top tier guys are probably not going to be around at 49, and given Angelo’s “vanilla” philosophy, I can’t see them drafting a receiver they don’t really want, and I have to agree that makes sense – look at that, I actually agreed with Angelo.

    That means the only way we get a receiver is if someone really drops down, still a possibility I guess. Also, saw something last night that two WR’s I’ve seen stuff on in the last few weeks being in the upper tier, one from NC and the other from Florida, I think failed combine drug tests, so that could likely scramble the mix. It’s still troubling that Cutler’s first year under center may very well be with a core unit that is still one of the worst in the league. Was really hoping we’d be able to get some new blood in there right off the bat to get the ball rolling, and maybe it still happens, we’ll see.

  4. dallas bears fan on April 22nd, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    I think the Bears see Mike Brown’s replacement being Alabama safety Rashad Johnson.

  5. Has anyone seen Anthony Russo from the University of Washington?
    He set most of their passing, kick and punt return records for 3 different coaches and 4 different quarterbacks.
    He ran the fastest shuttle run in workouts, is strong, has long arms is fast, quick, gets separation and has HANDS.
    Imagine Devin Hesters speed/quickness combined with Bobby Engrams ability to run patterns before his knee injury.

  6. One thing that needs to be accounted for is that Cutler can make guys good, so we don’t need someone who is gonna make plays by themselves, which is what we are so used to and the reason why the Bears struggled last year. We relied on just getting the ball to the receiver and making them do the work, but now we can have it the other way around. I also hope they dont draft another DE because I think that our current guys can get their act together. I also think drafting a center or MLB to learn under and eventually replace Kruetz and Urlacher would be good (perhaps in the later rounds).

  7. I’m tired of bullshit on draft day,chicago bears have needs and trading away draft picks for later in the day draft picks is not the way. You go out and get a great QB in Jay cutler who is he going to throw the ball to. You are not going to get a quality WR in the third or fourth round when every body drafting WR’s. The only thing you can hope for is a free agent WR, if the bears don’t get a good WR they are never going to WIN. My closing argument I’m tired of Lovie Smith and I wish he would get FIRED.

  8. james lamb , your a bitter dude. maybe lovie smith wishes you got fired. maybe we should trust the bears, they may know a thing or two about football more than the common a-hole on the street. they go out a get jay cutler in a blockbuster deal and yet there are still people who whine about how many picks it was or “who is he gonna throw the ball to?”. tom brady and donoven mcnabb have not had wideouts for most of their careers and still have had major success. i think your wrong, bears will be in the postseason.

  9. I stand behind my observation that Brett Favre made a career out of making all-pro receivers out of mediocre players. Donald Driver, Antonio Freeman, Robert Brooks? I think Cutler’s going to make a few of our guys better than they’ve ever been. That’s my opinion.

  10. I think it was a mistake to trade down. If you need a good receiver, you should try and get one higher in the draft. We also need a safety to replace Mike Brown, you can’t find that in a lower round draft pick. i just think that many of the guys we drafted won’t even make it through training camp before being cut. Just like last year. I like Lovie Smith, but Jerry Angelo you suck.

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