Yes, the Bears ARE This Bad

I wrote yesterday’s post not even halfway through the third quarter of their abysmal loss to the Vikings in Minnesota.  What I didn’t know then that we all know now is that the Bears gave up the most yardage they have given up since the 1982 Chicago Bears did at the Los Angeles Rams.  They also managed just 2…count ‘em….2 total yards in the second half of play.

Embarrassed would be an understatement.  While the loss may not have looked as ugly as the Bengals and Cardinals losses, this one was the worst.

Personally, I am quite surprised at the volume of discussion today from experts and the media (notice I listed those two entities separately) that really are starting to believe that Lovie Smith will be dismissed at the end of the 2009 season, with 2 years and more than $10 million guaranteed on his deal.  On WSCR today, midday co-host Matt Spiegel said “I don’t see how Lovie Smith survives this.”

I can give you at least 5 million reasons why he will survive this, and the end result is going to be a very ugly 2010 season at least for Bears fans.

Can anyone give me any hope that the Bears organization just might eat his $10 million?  Or that Jerry Angelo, the person that got us into this black hole of talent will be able to dig us out of it while he’s under contract through 2013?

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  1. FIRE COACH LOVIE !! Compare coach Lovie to Fuzzy Wuzzy. Coach Lovie was a Bear – Coach Lovie had no hair – Coach Lovie wasn’t a good coach was he

  2. Bottom line, everything about this organization and coaching staff right now is a GD disgrace. Lovie has turned into an incompetent, pathetic embarassment representing this team, but I do like the way he is still opening his mouth, as he’ll continue to dig a deeper hole for himself. You’ll inevitably continue to hear the clueless idiots spouting off that “this isn’t all Lovie’s fault” when the reality is you can pin this mess on him, Angelo and all of the clueless McCaskey clan.

    This team is practically devoid of above average talent at practically any position on either side of the field, and it will take years to rebuild. Cutler looks lost disinterested, and has quit already.

    As for the rumors, look, if Notre Dame can jettison Weis, and Buffalo cans Jauron, why can’t the Bears do the same? Yes, the history is all there saying it won’t happen, and any top tier coach being mentioned is not going to fix this mess in 1 year anyway. Just the same, you need to start somewhere, and it’s unacceptable to loyal fans having to watch this mess led by morons like Lovie and Angelo.

  3. I think the team even has given up hope. Major problems. I can’t wait till the offseason so I can be let down again.

  4. To me what was stupid of this organization was to give contract extension to Jay Cutler and Jerry Angelo in the bye week. Jay Cutler played a total of 4 games with us up to that point and I’m not saying that locking up Cutler was a bad idea, but to me thats something you wait until the offseason for. And extending Angelo was just stupid beyond belief at that point as well.

    I just dream of a day where the McCaskey’s sell this team to Patrick Ryan of AON Corp (who owns the other 20% of the team), as he wants to actually care about this football team and treat it as such.

    Sadly, we as Bears fans will likely wait a long time for this to happen.

  5. Here’s a way to pay off Angelo and Smith if the McCaskey’s don’t want to – Bears fans could have a collection to raise the funds to cover their remaining contracts.

    I would certainly donate to get rid of this hapless duo!

  6. The Bears can dump Ogunleye and Vasher, which is about $11 million towards the cap. That will make room to fire Lovie…but I don’t see that happening. They’ll end up signing some free agents or something, and they don’t have any big money going to draft picks next year since they don’t have a 1st or 2nd round pick. I say draft all o-line and WRs, a couple are bound to hit.

  7. The only thing is the Bears need to shore up the secondary too and need to be looking at linebacker replacements as well. They could use some new DTs as well. See how much of a mess this team is?

  8. A huge mess. This is what happens when you neglect the lines on both sides of the ball in the draft. We take runningbacks, tightends, and other bullshit in the high rounds of the draft instead of linemen. Chris Williams was the only bad offensive linemen taken in the draft the one year we decide to address where the real game is played.

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