Will the 2008 Chicago Bears Make the Playoffs?

Brief 4 a.m. post.  What do you think-will the Bears win the NFC North?  It’s definitely an intriguing last three weeks of the season.  The Bears need to win out against fairly beatable teams, and the Vikings need to lose two of three, basically, to Arizona, Atlanta and the Giants.

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  1. As much as I want them to win the division, I don’t think it will happen. The Bears can definitely win their last three games if they play up to their potential, and the Vikings can definitely lose two or more of their last three, but the probability of BOTH happening is slim. We all know the woulda-coulda-shoulda story of our close losses this year, but the thing that is most painful to me is that in perhaps our two most important games this year – the Green Bay game and the last Viking game – we got whooped. Winning either one of those games would have been huge right now. 2008 is probably not going to be our year, but I will be watching (and hoping and praying) with anticipation all of the remaining Bears and Vikings games. With that being said, GO BEARS!!!

  2. Let’s not rule out the wild card yet. Dallas still has to play the Giants, Ravens, and Eagles. The Falcons still play the Vikings, Tampa, and get an easy Rams win. Phily still plays the Skins, and Cowboys, and has an easy Browns win. The kicker of course is Phily with that tie. The Bears can’t tie them, and they did hold the tie breaker against them. I can easily see Dallas and Atlanta going 1-2. Phily is a toss up. The best bet is Dallas to drop their first two and beating Phily. These teams can easily not reach ten wins. Of course, the Bears have to get there first, but it’s not out of the question. We can complain all we want, but this is much better than last year, isn’t it?

    Oh yeah, the masses were right. The Packers big win against the Bears did turn their season around. It turned right into the toliet…

  3. I think that the Bears have a fairly good chance of making playoffs, since they also have a much more favorable schedule, while the Vikings have to play the Cardinals,Falcons, Giants. The Giants game is a ? mark because they will most likely not be playing starters. I think the Vikings will go 0-3, and i’m hoping for the best, and also that the Saints will play bad in the cold. I think the huge lose this season was to the current wildcard team Falcons, when the Falcons some how scored in 11 seconds off of a horrible squib kick?!?!?!?!?! No more squibs for Robbie Gould. GO BEARS!!!!!!!

  4. I’ll be enjoying the Saints game like it will be the last meaningfull one this season.
    It is now I guess a 3 game season in which we have to aim at 3-0; and this goes by beating the Saints. Sounds Lovie-like? Although the Saints might statistically be slightly better, their sole out-of-the-dome win was against the now 2-11 Chiefs. And that should give the Bears the edge(hope we don’t cover ou eyes when the Saints go passing and the Bears try defending). Then the Bears will be looking for revenge from the humiliation in Lambeau (which, remind you, means “shred” in French) against an out-of-playoff-contention Packers team and then against an hopefully also out-of-playoff-contention Texans team.
    Couple that with a loss or two by the Vikings and the bears actually make the playoffs!
    Make it happen Bears!

  5. I appreciate your optimism, Andrew, jdm & sven. You all make it sound oh-so-easy on paper, lol. Hopefully we can get in, one way or another. I’ll tell you what, I will be damn proud of our team if they can win out, even if they don’t make the playoffs. 10-6 would be a good season, and if they end up winning the last 4 games, it would be impressive, either way. GO BEARS!

  6. You bet Harry. It’s a question of walking with their heads up when the season’s over. And the minimum good news is: even at wannstedtlike 9-7, we will STILL be on top of the packers from wisconsin.

  7. the bears can easily make the playoffs i have no doubt that the flacons and the giants will win theryre games but my only fear is that the packers will throw up a good fight lets just hope the bears care as much as we do GO BEARS!!!!

  8. the best bet is for minnesota to lose to atlanta and new york. theres no doubt in my mind that atlanta will lose this weekend. im just scared that new york will be resting their players and minnesota will win.

  9. don’t give up hope!!!! we’re gonna make it.. wildcard here we come!

  10. the bears need to open the play book on the offence side

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