Why don’t you come clean, Ashton?

Both the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal and the Chicago Tribune reported today that among the many celebrities (ich) in the Lambeau crowd were Ashton Kutcher and his woman-friend Demi Moore. The Milwaukee paper is identifying all of the celebs as Packer fans, and the Tribune refers to Kutcher as a “close friend of Brett Favre’s”.

Kutcher, an Iowa native, has long stated his allegiance to the Bears. He and the Moore clan have all been in attendance at Bears playoff games, on the field, of course.

Ashton, I don’t have to tell you that you can’t be both a Bears and Packer fan, right? Time for you to come clean.? And in case you were masquerading as a Packer fan last night because they were 4-0, please take note that your new team lost to the NFC Champions.

One Response to “Why don’t you come clean, Ashton?”

  1. Hear hear! Fair weather fans don’t belong on the Bears’ side, so now that we all know about this, we’ll never forget. Color them gone. And if this Ashton Kutcher character, whoever that is, ever decides to pretend to be a Chicago fan again, we’ll blast him (or her) and his (or her) hypocritic oath from last night all over our numerous websites for history to decide! And yes, it was excellent seeing the stunned looks on Cheeseheads everywhere and yes, Madden should run for congress he’s such a dancer like Romney or John (I served in Vietnam) Kerry. Great game, better even than the ending of the Dallas/Buffalo MNF debacle by Jauron tonight. Nice touch, calling time out & make the kicker nail it again… but we all know Jauron is basically a loser anyhow. Can’t win- five interceptions, three runbacks and…? Ouch!


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