What Happens from Here?

It seems likely that this afternoon, the NFL owners will lock out their players, and until a new labor agreement is reached, there is no football.

I’m a little bummed about the Bears and the NFL right now, and also still a little pi**ed.

I’m bummed because it would probably have been tonight at Midnight that free agency would have opened, and we’d know soon whether the Bears could add any additional pieces to bolster their chances next year.  I do feel that if Jay Cutler can clean up some more of his mechanics (a big if), and the Bears add a few pieces, they may be able to compete one more time before Brian Urlacher returns.  But this will not be happening for the foreseeable future.

I’m also still pi**ed that as a ticket holder of some extremely non-premium seats at Soldier Field, the Chicago Bears have raised my ticket prices by double-digit percentages for three years running.  Team President Ted Phillips is fond of seemingly blaming this on others because the Bears built the smallest stadium in the NFL.  THE BEARS BUILT THE SMALLEST STADIUM IN THE NFL in 2003.  Why is this my fault?

This is seriously tempering my enthusiasm to continue to be a fan of the Bears, the NFL, and professional sports.  At this rate I will be paying over $100 per mediocre seat to watch what could be a very mediocre team.  And that really bothers me.

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  1. Drop your season tickets, get the Sunday Ticket, and watch the mediocre games from the comfort of your own couch.

  2. Well, an extension has been announced. so, no lockout just yet. I tihnk when the TV revenue issue was ruled for the players, the owners no longer have an incentive to force a lockout. Stay turned.

  3. Perno-Unfortunately I might just have to do that someday. The worst part about it is if I dropped my tickets I would not be proving a point with the organization; there are 20,000 or whatever behind me dying to have what I have.

    JDM-Sound like you’d make a good attorney….good analysis.

  4. Given that a second, one week extension has now been announced, I can’t help but think this is going to get resolved in the near future. Lots of big talk by both sides, but deep down neither one wants to kill the cash cow that is the NFL.

  5. I doubt a deal will get finalized by next week (way too much verbage). However, the fact they are still talking is a good sign. It’s not like in baseball or hockey where the two sides had to be almost forced to talk to each other. I do think once the owners didn’t get the TV money they thought they were getting, their attitude changed.

    Ha Roy. Well, I am married to a paralegal… I have a friend that is a lawyer, and he wishes he never went to law school. Very tough profession.

  6. I canceled the automatic renew of my Sunday Ticket (I live in the South). I may just have to find a new hobby.

  7. Good article on (I think) ESPN the other day that indicated the sides were as little as 185 million apart before talks broke down. In a 9+ billion/year industry this is pocket change. It is certainly not looking good at the moment.

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