What goes up must come down

Good thing my wife’s illness prevented me from being in Detroit to see the carnage in person, as I had planned to do. This was actually a hell of a lot closer than I thought it would be-with the entire Bear secondary being out, I expected this to be more like a 34-7 game (with the only touchdown coming from Devin Hester. No surprise there.)

Regarding the quarterback situation, I didn’t agree with benching Rex Grossman this week, but it is what it is. I am fully behind the decision now since it’s been made. My first reaction was “what are the fans going to do the first time Brian Griese throws an interception….boo him off the field too?” Well we’ll know now since Griese threw not one but three interceptions, one for a touchdown. I have to believe a lot of that was due to rust.

Postgame Quick Hits:

Seriously though, did someone cut the balls off this offense, or has the Chicago Bears offense not had any balls since 1995? I fully supported the hiring of Ron Turner (in 1993 and 2005), and laugh at those that bitch about Turner being at fault, but I’m beginning to wonder.

Devin Hester, you are not only rediculous, but you are phenomenal, unbelievable, riveting, and on and on.

Roberto Garza, loved when you helped spring Benson, not only pushing Shaun Rogers out of the way but immediately taking on another guy. But, what the hell is up with your linemates as a group?

Lovie Smith just left the podium after a brief postgame conference, sounding uncharacteristically pissed.

Speaking of Benson, let’s already start planning to draft our next featured back. I don’t want to hear another person say “HOW COULD THE BEARS HAVE TRADED THOMAS JONES!!”. There was no choice but to do something to please Jones. If you want to be mad about something, be mad that they drafted Benson in the first place, as I am (and was on draft day 2005). When Frank Gore went in the third round and Willie Parker was undrafted.

Where the hell was Greg Olsen? On the sidelines? What are you thinking, Lovie?

Way to go special teams, blocking your fourth field goal and an extra point in the fourth week of the season. Unbelievable.

I’m pissed, but not surprised by what happened today. I expected the Lion offense to light up the Bears defense, not be sacked as much as they were. Kudos to the depleted defense.? They can’t win games being on the field the whole game if they’re fully staffed, let alone when they’re decimated by injuries.

But the reality is, the Bears are 1-3, Detroit is 3-1, and the…..just swallowed the vomit that came up….Packers are 4-0. The only good part of this is the hope that we can knock Green Bay down to reality on national TV next week.

2 Responses to “What goes up must come down”

  1. That game sucked. Without a running game, this season is dead.

  2. Play calling is what really killed them. If you are going to go with Griese, then why in the world are you throwing the ball 52 times! Just take field goals in the Red Zone, don’t go pass crazy and have Griese throwing. The two Red Zone interceptions killed them. The interception that went back for the Lions TD killed them. That is 13 points they left on the field. The Bears got their rushing game going in the third quarter. Benson had 9 rushes for 45 yards and really looked good. Then he had only one attempt in the fourth quarter. The Bears were up 13-3 at the end of three quarters (Lions were on the Bears 5 to close out the third), but if they had been up 19-3 it is a totally different game. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, it doesn’t matter because the Bears are 1-3. Their season is on the line this week in Green Bay. If they fall to 1-4 (4 games behind Green Bay), the division is lost and it is unlikely they will be able to make the playoffs. I still have confidence they can right the ship, but they need to prove it on the field.

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