What About the Right?

While watching Bears games, I always try, unsuccessfully, to focus on the play of the offensive line. I say unsuccessfully because naturally my eyes draw me back to the focus of attention, the ball. I wish I could get better at focusing on the line at times to see how they’re doing.

That being said, there were several times that I did try to focus on the line, and the focus of my attention was on the right side-not the left. This preseason an awful lot of attention has been given to the play of J’Marcus Webb, Chris Williams, Chris Spencer and Chilo Rachal in their battle for the starting position on the left side of the line. Little has been reported on how Lance Louis and Gabe Carimi are performing on the right. I’m excited to have Carimi back from his injury (and certainly hope he stays healthy as an injury-prone player), so I tried to focus on him a few times.

It just so happens that one of the times I was able to focus on Carimi, he was beaten around the edge and I think he got away with a hold while pushing the left defensive end past Jay Cutler. I did read that Louis had an awesome block on one of Michael Bush’s touchdown runs, but I wasn’t able to see it with my limited view.

I certainly hope Carimi stays back, performs in a dominant fashion as we thought he would as a first-round draft pick, and the right side of the line is dominant. But I am worried about what happens if Carimi goes down again and becomes the second coming of Marc Colombo.

What did you think about the play of Carimi and Louis on Saturday? What do you think will happen if Carimi goes down again?

2 Responses to “What About the Right?”

  1. I think we have a solid right side of the line, especially in run-blocking. Carimi being healthy for all 16 games, along with Louis staying at one spot and not being moved around will greatly help the chemistry and continuity of the line. That said, LT still scares me and is my #1 concern in what I hope will be a Super Bowl season.

  2. I didn’t watch them much, will have to watch them Friday. I’ve heard Carimi is struggling but I have yet to read that specifically anywhere.

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