What a Season…

This is turning out to be a wacky Chicago Bears season, is it not?

After last week’s lost, I had quite the poste prepared.  Because even though yesterday’s 48-41 victory over the Minnesota Vikings was crazy, and scary, and plenty of criticism can be placed on the defense for giving up that many points, a win is a win.

Here is Brad Biggs’ game story.

Rick Telander is concerned about the defense.  You don’t say…

But Biggs writes that some people think the defense played well given the circumstances.  Hmm.

3 Responses to “What a Season…”

  1. Great game in terms of getting a win. Exciting, great special teams play, prolific Bears offense(!), and defensive stops when we absolutely needed them. Our young DB’s really stepped up, with all three picking off Frerotte. Aside from AP’s one long touchdown run, I thought we did a great job against the run. With his speed, power and cutback ability, I think we will (unfortunately) have our hands full every time we face him, for the duration of his career. I couldn’t be happier about our offense. Unbelievable! I posted here before the regular season started that I thought Kyle Orton would surprise a lot of people with his play this year. I think he is a smart QB who makes good decisions and has a much stronger arm than most people give him credit for. Hats off to Forte, our O-line, and every single receiver & tight end for stepping up and contributing. My only complaint today is with our defense. Not even our defense, but our defensive coordinator. Every time we attempt to close out a game, protecting a lead, he puts in a soft ‘prevent’ cover-2. And 3 times this season (almost 6) it has cost us the game. There is not a single team in this league who doesn’t know how to beat the cover-2 anymore. It is no longer new and confusing to offenses, especially when they know you are going to run it! That whole defense is predicated on the ability of the front four to get pressure on the QB, which we have been unable to do on a consistent basis this year. It is so frustrating. I long for the defensive attitude that we had in ’05 and ’06 – if we had a lead late in the game back then, it seemed like Rivera would dial it up even more, continuing to blitz and really going in for the kill. We cannot continue to run this soft cover-2 in these situations or it will likely cost us more close games this season. They need to continue to blitz, or stunt the line, or at least mask the cover-2. I have all the confidence in the world in our defensive players, I just wish Babich would not be so conservative AND PREDICTABLE.

  2. My first Bears game at Soldier field was as dissapointing as it was exciting. That’s right, I am one of those fans who likes our defense to manhandle people and shut them down, even if it comes with a cost of only scoring a few points ourself. That being said, a win is a win, Soldier Field rocks(when can I move in), and Go Bears!

  3. Higgins, I’m with you. Give me a 17-10 game where the QB gets his ass kicked over the high scoring games. Finese football is wuss football in my book. In the end, the only thing that matters is a W.

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