Waited all Week for Monday Night

I’ve been waiting for this game all week, and it’s finally here (almost).  Not sure what more to say today.  After having lost most of my faith and excitement in the Bears around week four of the 2007 season, I’m finally allowing myself to believe again.  Why not believe, even if it doesn’t happen?

Does this mean I’m guaranteeing the Bears will win?  No, of course it’s very possible that the Bear win over Dallas was more about Dallas than Chicago, as all the “experts” are saying.  And yes, I know it’s possible that the juggernaut that all the “experts” think the Packer team is will cut the Bears into shreds as they think.  But I’m choosing to believe that the defense is finally for real again and that Mike Martz and Jay Cutler will show that they are more for real than many think.

If the Bears lose a close game, the season is not over by any stretch.  Either way, tonight is going to be a great game and I’m looking forward to it with faith.

2 Responses to “Waited all Week for Monday Night”

  1. I have a really good feeling about this one. Bears 28, Pack 27

  2. I have one question, why do the bears pay millions of dollars for Matt forte and give him the ball 5 times in the first half. I guess using your star to win is a dying practice. Well how have the bears done so far in the first half against packers? Well bears, keep on ignoring forte I mean yur doing great without him. (how have bears done first two weeks when he got the ball alot). The day of an exciting NFL is dying. Where are the irvings, Barry sanders, and Joe montana’s, players who got the ball. Hint hint. I mean in the jets game, Keller had 2 td’s 100 yards and was almost the whole offense. In the second half, how many receptions? Zero, actually, he got no passes thrown to him. I guess the age old adage of throwing to someone until the team shuts him down is a lost practice.

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