Vikings at Bears 2009

Heard yesterday that Bill Cowher is making it known that he wants back in the NFL in 2010, and has started making phone calls to piece together his coaching staff.  And of course I’m salivating at the thought.  A real head coach with actual head coaching experience!  And a Super Bowl ring!  And the reputation for constantly replenishing talent!  Who would bring in real winning coordinators!

But I know it won’t happen in Chicago.  My guess is still that the Bears bring back Lovie Smith in 2010, fire Ron Turner, hire whatever lame-duck offensive coordinator that will take the job, finish 1-15 in 2010 and clean house with Jerry Angelo hiring another coach following the disaster that will be the 2010 season.

Or in the highly unlikely event that they do fire Smith a few weeks from now, the next hire will be whatever college coach or NFL coordinator like Mike Heimerdinger that will take the job for less money than one of the supercoaches will.  And we’ll have yet another head coach that the Bears will pay to learn to be a head coach for the first time, and who will bring in a set of assistants that are new to their jobs as well.  The wheel keeps turning….

Anyway, tonight we have the Bears’ impending 10th loss to focus on.  While I don’t want the Bears to lose, at least I know every loss brings this regime closer to being shown the door.  The bad part is, as mentioned, I think there will be another 11-15 losses in 2010 before that actually happens.

It would be wonderful if the Bears would show some heart, play with everything they have, and upset the heavily favored Vikings, but I don’t think they care or have it in them.  Even though we’ve witnessed other teams play with heart and win games with very weak odds, such as Tampa beating New Orleans and Carolina beating the Vikings, I just don’t see this overpaid and disinterested Bears team doing so.

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  1. The Bears fortunes went south this weekend when Mike Shanahan said he would not be interested in the Bears job because of his friendswhip with Lovie Smith. I admire his loyalty to friends, but he is killing any chance my new favorite team has at success!

    He is the only one who could turn this mess around utilizing the only talented player on the roster, Jay Cutler. If Cowher comes in, I have no doubt that in three or four years that the Bears will be back, but it will be without Cutler as QB and the Bears $20 million lighter in their war chest. Cowher has ridiculed Cutler on the pathetic excuse for a pregame show (FOX)that he is a member of and I have no doubt that he will either move him or bench him shortly after his arrival as Bears coach if he comes. Man, what a waste of talent that will be!

    Speaking of talent and coaching philosophy, how is that ‘game manager’ approach working out in Denver, anyway? And while we are at it, how is that ‘franchise’ QB that McPunk wanted instead of Cutler doing in KC? Denver fans are learning the hard way that there is more to head coaching in the NFL than wearing a ‘hoodie’!

    Sadly, the best chance of a quick turnaround went out the door when Mike Shanahan said no thanks to the Bears this weekend.

  2. If I remember correctly the Bears have no 1st or 2nd round draft choices in 2010 right? If that’s the case then I also believe the Bears will be 1-15 in 2010. They are only a few wins better than the Browns, Lions, Rams, and Raiders.

  3. Keep in mind Brian Urlacher missed the entire year this year. If he’s back next year, the Bears will win more games. If he suffers more injuries, 1-15 is likely.
    As far as Denver’s whole plan. Yeah, they started 6-0. They are 2-7 since then. Orton is either on path for another 9-7 year or 8-8 depending on what they do next week. They could have done about the same with Jay Cutler..and probably would be even better with Jay Cutler. I can see Denver drafting a QB with our draft pick this year though.

  4. I bet that was a fun game to be at.

    Hope you didn’t freeze your butt off.

  5. It happened! The team I thought the Bears would put on the field for 2009 actually came out and played the way I hoped they would. Too bad they waited until game 15. Does this game not give us some small measure of hope? Optimism returns to one disgruntled Bears fan. Oh, I still want Ron Turner fired, I still want Lovie and Angelo gone, but this proves that we do have some talent on this roster. Please, I am begging you to make Aromashadou a number one receiver, keep Bennett at number two, and set Hester back at punt/kick returner and number 3 receiver. Keep Jarron Gilbert out there and let’s see what he can do.

  6. I think Lovie saved his job with this game in my opinion. I still see Ron Turner being made a scapegoat as well as the O-Line coach and possibly the WR coach.

    There certainly will be changes to this team, we just dont know exactly what they will be, but after this game I definitely see Lovie and Angelo returning.

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