Vikings at Bears 2008

Is this Sunday’s contest at Soldier Field a must-win for the 3-3 Bears?  Absolutely.  It’s also a must win for the 3-3 Vikings, who have bounced back from an 0-2 start.

Do I think the Bears can win?  Absolutely.  Will they?  You’d have to ask the Bears which team is going to show up.  The team that dominated the Colts, played emotionally enough to beat a more talented Eagles team, the team that did what it took to dominate the Lions?  The team that played good enough to win for up to 59:49 of the ballgames against Atlanta, Tampa and Carolina?  Or the team that broke down, committed costly turnovers, stupid penalties and mental gaffes in the critical moments of three losses?

Will the Bears stop Adrian Peterson?  If they do, will they sell out the pass defense so much that they’ll actually let Gus Frerotte and the overpaid Bernard Berrian beat them?

I wish I were the fan with 100% unequivocal blind faith that the Bears will win every game, but I can’t be that guy.  I’ll be there, hoping they realize what this game means to their season, cheering them on.  But I’m not sure what team will show up.

2 Responses to “Vikings at Bears 2008”

  1. I can! Bears 31 Vikings 14.

  2. I didn’t realize we would be missing both of our corners when I made that prediction. 48-41? Crazy.

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