View from Section 249

On lunch break. Here is my 10-minute review of being at last night’s 2008 preseason opener:

  • The Bears weren’t kidding when they announced heavier security at games. There was uniformed security, plain-clothed security officers and a ton of Chicago Police officers all over the place. On the stadium approaches, around the stadium, all over the stadium inside the game. I’ve been going to games for 30 seasons now, and it was overwhelmingly noticeable. This is fine by me, but word to the wise, anyone trying to walk up to the stadium with a beer or thinking of anything else will be in for a rude awakening.
  • I’m critical of the organization for a lot of things, but I have to compliment them on the professionalism of their staff and security at the game. Several staffers said hello and asked if I needed anything.¬† And they actually played Joe Walsh’s Turn to Stone for one of the highlight segments.¬† Unbelievable considering the music normally played.
  • On the Bears’ opening drive, when Kyle Orton hit Rashied Davis on an out-route for a first down, Brandon Lloyd was streaking absolutely uncovered down the left sideline. Orton didn’t see him. The fan next to me saw Devin Hester wide open on a fly pattern on another play.
  • I’m not a professional scout, but it seemed to me that Orton locked on to his first receiver much more often than Rex Grossman.
  • Awesome sack by Anthony Adams, but I believe the first string Bear defense was playing Chief backups at that point.
  • It certainly does look like Matt Forte has the flash a Bear running back hasn’t possessed since the 2004 version of Thomas Jones, before he became a workout beast. This makes the selection of Cedric Benson even that much more of a joke. Benson NEVER looked like he gave a crap about football. Forte looks like he will impress.

That’s it for now. Unfortunately I’m thinking this is going to be a long season based on our offensive problems, and the first string defense getting lit up on the first drive.

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  1. Hey Roy, after last night’s game let the Caleb Hanie bandwagon begin. Could you beleive people were goofy enough to already be clamoring for this guy to start after just one preseason game? At least that was the talk I heard at work today. Grossman and Orton were both average, as expected, so it should’ve been expected that Hanie would perform as he did (against 2nd and 3rd stringers let’s not forget) because he had no pressure on him. As we’ve all stated, nobody is happy with the state of the offense, but Bears fans need to stop being so fickle.

  2. It was obvious to me that the Bears wanted to look at Forte more tha anything. I did like what I saw of him. I thought the OL did better than I thought, especially pass blocking. The vanilla defense I’m not worried about. They always play soft in the preseason. Orton and Grossman were both average, and neither one of them won anything. I do think Lovie wants Orton to start. We will see what happens.

  3. Running backs coach Tim Spencer said Wolfe has no reason to worry.

    “Garrett Wolfe will be on our team for sure,” Spencer said. “And he’ll be making plays.”

    Posted on the Chicago Tribune website last night.

    It’s good to hear. I think Garrett is a great addition to the team, and was really worried about his place on the team. I still don’t know how they are going to get everyone snaps.

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