Vasher in infamous Doghouse?

Just wondering the kind of things I wonder at 4 a.m. when I need to complete the post and get off to work.  What’s up with Nathan Vasher?  The innuendo trickling out of Lake Forest via the (real) media is that the organization is wondering why he hasn’t returned from his wrist injury.  I’m happy as hell that Corey Graham truly has stepped up to fill Vasher’s big shoes, but I get concerned that Vasher may be entering the infamous Lovie Smith doghouse.

You know, the one from which guys like Ricky Manning Jr. and Mark Bradley have not emerged?  (While at the same time an Adam Archuleta resides on a Lovie Smith pedestal, figure that one out.)  Vasher is a borderline Pro Bowl cornerback whose salary is very reasonable for the level of play he’s capable of at times.  Here’s hoping we see Vasher back this weekend, not mysteriously cut in the offseason when depth in the secondary is critical.

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  1. The guy is always hurt. Corey Graham is good. Nathan Vasher is no Charles Tillman. Start Corey.

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