Urlacher for Boldin: Not Happening

A writer for the Chicago Tribune penned a column today suggesting that the Bears should contact the Arizona Cardinals and offer Brian Urlacher and two third-round picks for annual All Pro receiver Anquan Boldin.

I try not to sound like an elitist when referring to fans that don’t get it, like members of the “real” media like to do.  But at risk of sounding that way, I have to say this column will do nothing but breed a bunch of speculation from people that don’t understand that the scenario will never happen.

You know why this won’t happen?  You know why Jerry Angelo won’t even try what the writer is suggesting?  Because Rod Graves in Arizona would probably do nothing but laugh for the entire length of time Angelo kept the phone line open.

A nearly spent Urlacher and two third-rounders for one of the top 5 receivers in the game?  If you were Rod Graves, would you do that?  How do professional journalist’s editors allow them to write fairy tales?

4 Responses to “Urlacher for Boldin: Not Happening”

  1. Dr Jean Carl Parisien on February 16th, 2009 at 5:21 am

    Dr Jean Carl Parisien says I like the idea of a Boldin for Urlacher deal. I could even see this happening. Arizona is ready to move Bolding and something reasonable should be able to be worked out

  2. Hm. As I was saying…

  3. These types of trades are ridiculous. Superstar for superstar type trades don’t happen in the nfl. Its always superstar for draft picks. If anything, Boldin would be aquired with picks not a player.

  4. lets face it friends, the bears need alot of work. to adam who wrote a comment above me i say there was the portis for bailey deal that worked for both teams. so its not like this kind of deal couldn’t happen. but urlacher is still the FACE of the franchise. if you did get trade him for boldin then you have a vacancy at ILB and no draft picks for 2-3 yrs. instead of boldin get TJ from the bengals. a similiar type of wide out and you don’t shed good talent from the team. its all about the mccheapskys shelling out money and wanting a winner.

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