Upon Review of My Thoughts..

On Thursday night following the disappointing, ugly (insert your own term) Bears 23-10 loss at Green Bay, one of my initial thoughts was why didn’t the offense execute a plan for managing Green Bay’s blitz? Pretty standard, when the offense sees the defense lining up to blitz, the quarterback has the option to audible and use standard means of neutralizing the blitz. (Now that Mike Tice’s offense gives Cutler the ability to call audibles, which Mike Martz’ system did not.) Common counters to blitzing/heavy pass rush are to execute runs such as draw plays, screen passes, and hot routes.

Seems that my logic was totally faulty. In Saturday’s Chicago Tribune I read that on only something like six plays the whole night did the Packers send more rushers than the Bears had offensive players to block them. So the fact of the matter is, the Bears offense just got flat-out whipped by the Green Bay defense, no question. So the problem is much greater than the Bears just executing-it’s clear at this point that their offense is not going to succeed here the way it’s currently put together.

I’ve been a huge Jay Cutler backer and defender since the Bears acquired him in 2009. Many said at the time, and following Chicago getting to know his personality after his first year, that Cutler will never be a winner. He’s not a leader, he’s too volatile, he’ll never stop making poor decisions, etc. I continued to say regardless, he’s still the best quarterback the Chicago Bears have fielded since they had the trio of Sid Luckman/Johnny Lujack/Bobby Layne in 1948.

It’s still totally apparent that Cutler has never had a legitimate offensive line in front of him in Chicago. I can’t blame him for being disgusted by that. And what happened to the rollouts/getting Jay out of the pocket/”playing to his strengths” that were promised by Mike Tice and Jeremy Bates when they took over to create the offensive playbook this season? But I will say, Cutler to me is developing his first cracks in his reputation in my eyes. He has to start being a leader so as not to risk losing the locker room.

And finally, after reading some of the comments on here following my praising of Lovie Smith after the game, I see everyone’s point. After being very critical of Smith during his Chicago tenure, for some reason after this game I developed a bit of respect for him. Following the fake field goal score by the Packers, I had never seen more disgust on his face. Which is an improvement for him to actually show emotion. And in his postgame press conference I could tell how disappointed he was to have lost that game.

But there is also no denying the facts. The Bears will never have success without beating the Packers consistently, just as Smith himself said upon his hiring in 2004. He started 6-2 against Green Bay in his first four seasons. Since then he is 2-8. His teams haven’t beaten the Packers in Lambeau Field since 2007. It’s more of the same for the Bears on the road against their arch-rivals and this is not sustainable.

It is still early. There is still time to get some things righted. But it’s not going to happen with any more pathetic performances like last Thursday’s game.

Some thoughts on the offensive line tomorrow.

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  1. I would hold any judgements to see how they come out Sunday. BOTH teams looked like they hadn’t practiced or prepared for the game. But, that is the NFL corporate greed for you. The Packers got some breaks go there way, and they ended up putting together a decent game offensively. More power to them. But, it was silly to think the Packers were in trouble for losing the opener, just like it’s silly to say the Bears in trouble after one loss as well.

    I read the same thing about Cutler losing the locker room. Ok, where or who are these “sources”? He stunk Thursday and so did the rest of the offense. You can rip on him for his play, and some of those sacks were on him for not getting rid of the ball sooner. However, I don’t think it’s any concidence he plays at a top level when he’s not being knocked on his ass every other play. When he does get knocked around, he doesn’t exactly recover well. I certainly agree he needs to be able to play thorugh some adveristy, but it’s easier for me to say this. I’m nto getting knocked around. So what if he yelled at one of his lineman. Ok, maybe he should’ve not have shoved him, but yelling? Please. Aaron Rodgers screamed at James Jones for running the wrong route that led to an INT. So, where are those stories about Rodgers being too mean? The fact remains, Cutler isn’t a pretty boy or a good ol boy that kisses the media’s ass when the cameras are rolling. He’s simply not going to be liked, and whenver it’s cool to rail on him, they are going to do this. But, that doesn’t mean he still needs to play better.

    As for Lovie Smith, of course he wanted this game. His job is to win football games. He also is in a playoffs or else season. But, he’s been here nine years. Can we get over his demeanor already? Hell, I stopped paying attention to what he says years ago. He doesn’t tell you anything, and everything he does is kept in house. This is how NFL coaches and hell, most professional sports coaches operate these days. Personally, I find Jim Schwartz’s demenanor quite childish, and he’s an overall assphat. And, his team has picked up that attitude quite a bit. I can guarentee once SF starts losing, people will get sick of Harbaugh quick.

    But, I do agree they need to start beating the Packers more if they want to win the division again. It would be nice if the offense has a good game against Dom Caper’s defense. When that happens, it will be the first. It’s only been nine games. They are due or something like that…

  2. Good thoughts JDM. Did I say in my post that all Cutler has known since he’s been on the Bears has been getting his ass drilled into the ground? Because I meant to say that and if I were Cutler I’d be pissed about that too. So while for the very first time I am beginning to see a bit of validity to what people have always said about him-agreed that he has plenty of reasons to be disgusted by being on the ground so many times since he’s been here.

  3. Cutler is not perfect. I will be the first to tell you that. He has made lots of plays since he’s been the QB, but he also has made some bad plays. His biggest problem, other than playing through some rough spots, is that he simply doesn’t throw the ball away enough. If the play is not there, just throw it away and play for another down. He either forces it or hold the ball too long. But, it’s also not a concidence he’s been at his very best when the Bears have proper blocking and running a balanced attack. There wasn’t much of a gameplan due to the short week, and it showed. We’ve seen this the past two seasons. Once everytyhing got together, Cutler and the offense was on fire. Let’s see if they can do it again.

    As for him being unlikeable, well, I really don’t care about that. Not so much you, but there were plenty of fans on Urlacher’s case for not having the best personality in the past. Well, I found that to be stupid because Urlacher has always given his all and his attitude towards football has always been top notch. There are many people in the media that simply don’t like Cutler. A lot of it has to do is that he doesn’t give many exclusive interviews, and he is simply not a camera whore. He doesn’t have any endorsements, and he didn’t even want news reporters around when he was doing charity work. So, when he has a bad game, they are going to be all over him. Perhaps touching Webb went too far, but every QB yells at their teammates. Hell, Aaron Rodgers threw a fit in Thursday’s game, despite being up by 20 points. Why is he getting a pass?

  4. JDM: Terry Bradshaw called Rodgers out yesterday on FOX. So at least he is taking some heat as well. I think the whole thing is BS. I’ve seen Brady and Roethlisberger do the same thing and nary a word was mentioned. That being said, here’s my take: I don’t care what these guys do or say to each other on or off the field. I’m sick of the NFL being turned into a reality show. You see it on everyone of these football “commentary” shows. They’re a bunch of gossipy 13 year old girls. It’s the same reason that I don’t watch the news anymore. None of it is fact, it’s speculation. They never had a reliable “source” that told them Jay was in danger of losing the locker room.
    If I was Cutler and spent the majority of the last 4 years on my ass, not only would I have yelled and bumped him, I would have stuck the Gatorade cooler over his head. Webb has NO business in the NFL. The guy is bats**t crazy, he believes he’s an all-star when in fact he isn’t fit to be a starter. Jay isn’t perfect and will start making mistakes when he gets rattled. For some reason he can’t seem to play at night either. But if he had a decent line, I’m fairly confident that he’d be more than capable of playing great football. I put this entire issue at the feet of the front office and coaching staff trying to make us believe they have the right people on that line. Put Cutler behind Tait, Brown, Kruetz, Garza and Miller and he’s a pro-bowler again.

  5. The article you link from Profootballtalk.com is completely without sources. In my oponion, profootballtalk, has since Thursday, engineered a smearing campaign on Cutler, inciting more to join them (Ogunleye fx) with no real grounds. I do not believe Cutler is losing the locker room. Cutler was shown with his arm around Webb, later in the game after the bump/yell incident, but no one is talking about this. Cutler has problems with pressure, and we might not win the SB this year, but im certain Cutler/Emery will

  6. Brad, thanks for the heads up. And you know what, I don’t even care if Rodgers yelled at James Jones. Cause, well, Jones screwed up on the play, and it’s not the first or last time Jones will make a mistake.

    People simply don’t like Cutler. So, any time he has a bad game, they are going to get on him. It’s just how it is.

    As for the night game comments, there was a time where Cutler didn’t have great performances on road night games. But, he played very well at MIN in 2010, at DET in 2011, and at PHILY in 2011. However, his performances against GB is a different story.

  7. JDM: I’m with you buddy. I could care less about his personality as long as he shows up on game day. I don’t doubt that he cares very much about winning. I just don’t care about his body language, or where he stands on the sidelines, or what his interaction is with his teammates. That’s 5% of the story. I just wish these talking heads and writers would let it go, it’s extremely annoying. Wishful thinking I know.

  8. Great conversation guys, thanks!

  9. I’ve loved the Bears my whole life…I’ve never been impressed with Cutler. He has always come off to me as a big weiny…I personally think his backup quarterback is better for the team. He gives the impression that the game is all about him and HELLO it’s a whole team effort to win!

  10. I wouldn’t want anyone else playing QB for this team…I’ve seen too many Jonathan Quinns, Craig Krenzels and Chad Hutchinsons in my lifetime. Let’s not forget it took a change in general managers to bring someone like Brandon Marshall here in the first place. I certainly don’t blame #6 for being upset, the guy hasn’t had an offensive line for 4 years now. Smith and Emery continued to tell us all offseason how it wasn’t a problem. It needs to be upgraded severely in the next draft for this offense to have any kind of sustainable success from week to week.

  11. “I’ve seen too many Jonathan Quinns, Craig Krenzels and Chad Hutchinsons in my lifetime.” -Couldn’t have said that better myself. Cutler really needs to soften the rough edges of his game if he’s going to take the next step though.

  12. You’re right Roy, but I think he needs a solid LT to take that next step. I think he can be a top 5 QB in this league if the necessary adjustments are made to the offensive line.

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