Unthinkable Could Happen This Weekend

Admit it along with me-going into the regular season there weren’t many that would have predicted that the Bears could clinch the NFC North this weekend.  I’m always hopeful but realistic about the Bears, and watching defensive meltdowns and a scary offensive line in the preseason, I saw no way of this happening.

But I won’t take anything for granted at this point, either.  Everyone is confident that the Packers have little chance of beating the red-hot Patriots in Foxboro Sunday night, but we never know.  Logic says that quarterback Aaron Rodgers should not play, but I’m betting he will because it’s such a huge game.  The NFL’s new strict concussion policies would make you think Rodgers should be sitting after his second of the season, but remember that the Packers played him right after his first.

And as I’ve been repeating all season, I’ve seen enough in my 32 years as a Bears fan to never count on anything.  For God’s sake, Chicago should be able to take care of the Vikings in Minnesota Monday night.  But the red-hot Vikings also should have taken care of the Bears at Soldier Field last December, and the Bears pulled an unlikely upset.  Anything can happen.

I certainly do hope the Bears go into Minnesota Monday needing just one win to clinch the division, and take care of business.

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