Unsung Bears Players

This is a quick one this morning.

You know who I’m most impressed with this season?  It’s not Matt Forte, as much of a revelation as he’s been.  It’s John St. Clair on the offense, and Israel Idonije on defense.

What do you think?

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  1. http://www.suntimes.com/sports/football/bears/1208204,CST-SPT-mully08.article

    All I’ve read about on these blogs in the past month is how poorly that the Bears have done in drafting talent that turns into actual production on the field. And even this first entry “unsung bears,” is evidence to the contrary.

    I’ve been a part of winning football programs for ten years. They don’t get built over night. You’re going to have years when you fail to meet any expectations and then years when you exceed expectations beyond all belief. My biggest beef with Chicago fans is that they are critical of the players beyond all belief. Go to any other city where their football team has been average at best, over the last ten years. You don’t hear half of the boos or half of the idiots screaming at a coach for calling a bad play. Welcome to football. These draft picks who are performing now are not doing so because they all of the sudden saw the light. They’ve been working hard together for 2-3 years, and now it’s culminating into a successful program.

    But damn do I love the bears a little extra this year.

  2. I hear you Stephen on the little extra. I just love the defense this year. Kevin Payne, Corey Graham, who knew? We are punishing offenses. I love it. And the offense? Kyle Orton, Matt Forte, who kew? I guess Angelo and Lovie. Our team is looking good and I can’t wait to make Matt Ryan look like the rookie he is.

  3. Patrick Manley is definatly an unsung hero.

  4. Stephen, Any other city is not Chicago. We boo because we expect winning. A good effort is for losers. We want to win. I understand creating a winning program takes time but last I checked the Bears have been around ever since they started snapping the ball in this game we call football. Fans don’t put up with bad play, nor should they. Philly, NY no different. I understand what you are saying about draft picks and their development but booing bad play calling and bad play is the fans right. They pay a lot of money to attend these games and they expect to see them win. Sure there may be some meatheads out there that boo inappropriately but by in large when you hear the majority of the stadium boo, it’s well deserved.

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