Two Sides to Every Jerky Story

Believe it or not, I do try to look at every situation in my life from every angle (and interestingly, this is the first time I Googled Devil’s Advocate, which is the position I seem to always take.)

I figured I should point out that I do agree with JDM’s comment yesterday to that post.  I do not think that athletes are required to smilingly oblige autographs by fans 24/7.  I do not think an athlete is a bad person if they don’t act like they’re best buddies with every person that walks up to them in public.  And of course, the player I alluded to from Saturday night’s event is far from the first athlete that I felt acted like a jerk to fans.  Absolutely, professional athletes have acted like jerks for decades, even in the halcyon days of the past.

And this emphasizes exactly why I have never approached a player, celebrity, whatever in public.  I don’t care.  I wouldn’t have asked this guy for his autograph because I don’t want it.  I probably would have said hello to Walter Payton back in the day, especially because he was known to be a genuinely nice guy, but outside of that I’m not giving one of these guys the opportunity to be a jerk to me.

I should mention that the defender I spoke of did get up and have a smiling photo taken with a fan that asked, then immediately high-tailed it out of the bar and I presume up to his friend’s room.  Ahem.

Anyway, moral of my meaningless story.  Just because a professional athlete prefers to be an ass to a fan in public doesn’t mean I think he’s a bad person for that reason (he may be a bad person for a lot of other reasons, but that’s not the point).  By the same token, it’s a different world now and that athlete should realize there may be a blogger sitting there that feels it’s his duty to tell the world that he witnessed said athlete act like an ass to a fan.  But it’s not like I witnessed a Bear push down a woman or assault someone, and I’m not trying to make it out like that’s what it was.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  Way down on my list of things to be thankful for is no matter how the rest of 2008 turns out, this season has indeed been a lot more exciting than I thought it would be.

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  1. My response was to the comment, not so much your post. You were just telling a story. Nothing wrong with it.

  2. I hear you JDM, no offense taken. I agree with you was my only point. Take care & happy Thanksgiving.

  3. You enjoy your Thanksgiving as well. Let’s hope we get a win in the Metrodump. I hate that place with a passion.

  4. This is a really interesting blog. My thoughts diddo yours exactly Roy. I really could care less for anyones John Hancock. I think many adults are reminiscing on their youth filled days and feel an autograph would be something really neat to have. I can also feel for the athletes, giving they have absolutely no privacy at all. I always wanted to be a professional athlete as a kid, but now that I am older and much wiser, being a pro athlete is the last thing I would want to be. I guess that’s what they get paid for! Putting all this mumbo jumbo aside, I would like to tell a short story. This is something that I am thankful for. About 20 or more years ago, Roy invited me to go see the Bears with his father in Chicago. After the game it was a tradition to go to a bar and wait for reservations at a local establishment. Just a side note; Roy and I were not old enough to drink yet. This particular night Roy’s dad Gerry took us to Ditka’s before dinner. Mike Ditka was their and I can remember Gerry calmly waiting for Da Coach’s exit. Gerry nicely asked Ditka for his Autograph on a poster with a picture of him. Lucky for Roy and me, we were able to get autographs also. I can’t ever recall seeing Gerry happier in life as he was that night. Unfortunately, I do not have that autographed poster anymore however; those memory’s I will hold in my heart forever and I am truely grateful for that experience I was able to share with two of the biggest Bears fans I know. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Roy and Hope to see you and and your beautiful family soon. Lets get the job done in Minnesota. Go Bears

  5. Nice Mike-Thanks! I’ll make sure to show this to my Dad tomorrow…hope to see you again soon buddy. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  6. During the 2006 season I met Charles Tillman at an autograph session downtown and got my Bears hat signed by him. I said hi to him and for him and the Bears to keep up the good work. He seemed like a cool guy (he actually acknowledged me) cause though it might seem like he had to be considering that it was an “official” autograph session, that’s not always the case. When Jose Canseco came out with his first book “Juiced” I attended his autograph session at borders downtown, and to be honest with you I thought he was a bit of an ass. I said hi to him and he didn’t say anything back and never even made eye contact for that matter. I guess it really depends on the individual. But on that note, I hope you and your family have a happy thanksgiving Roy.

  7. call me old fashioned but when was it that manners went out of style? i remember early in the season when Tony Romo was interviewed on national TV by Terry Bradshaw. Here’s Tony, a nobody compared to Terry showing up in a cap, t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops on national TV! And Terry, a hall of famer was in a suit. Somebody has to help these guys learn how to conduct themselves in public because that’s part and parcel of what they get being in the profession they are in. how much is charm school anyway? even astronauts went to one and they’re as busy as these athletes are, even more so. the league with all the billions it makes could pay for that. at the very least, proper conduct in public shows to everyone that they are grateful for being in where they are right now. getting a lot of money and fame for doing what they enjoy doing.

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