Turkey Day State of the Bears

Bears at Rams 2013

What a meltdown in St. Louis.

I haven’t posted since before that amazing Ravens game. What a roller coaster of a season. Since losing two games in a row to the Lions and Saints seven weeks ago, the Bears have now won, lost, won, lost, won, lost in that order.

As amazing as the Ravens game was, the Rams game was as disappointing. This weekend, the Bears start a stretch run of “final stands” every week. Pretty tough to expect success when your defense can’t stop the run or rush the passer. In reality, a 4-1 finish just might get the Bears into the playoffs with a 10-6 record. That’s a big maybe. A 3-2 finish leading to a 9-7 final record will likely mean the Bears are home for the holidays again.

Doug Buffone used to have a mantra that he recited almost daily. The keys for a team to have success in the NFL are 1) Rush the Passer, 2) Stop the Run, 3) Run the Football. I believe he changed #3 to throw the football recently. With the Bears incapable of 1 & 2, a lot of luck needs to be on the Bears’ side.

Unbelievably, we all find ourselves in the position of rooting for Green Bay today. Would you believe it? Hard to believe. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. “Rooting for Green Bay” is something that is NOT possible in this world. I’ll go as far as rooting for a Detroit loss, but can NEVER root FOR Green Bay. :-) Semantics I know, but it makes sense to me (and makes me feel better).

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