Tuesday Thoughts 12-11-12

Some left-over thoughts from the Chicago Bears’ most recent debacle.

- It just doesn’t feel right to put the names Devin Hester and Kellen Davis in the same context, but the (albeit slightly different) experiments with both of these players on offense need to end. In 2007, Hester was moved from cornerback to wide receiver following his historic rookie season. We all thought that Hester’s play on offense would also be historic. After six seasons of this experiment, I think we can safely conclude that it hasn’t been historically positive. Historically mediocre, possibly. Hester has made a couple of splashy plays like his diving touchdown at Dallas this season, but his memorable drops have far outweighed his positive contributions on offense. His drop of a touchdown pass last Sunday was indicative of the trend of his play as a regular. “Just wait until we get Hester the ball in space on offense with room to make plays,” Lovie Smith’s staff told us in ’07, pretending that Hester would have the impact of other divisional receivers Percy Harvin and Randall Cobb. But he hasn’t. And after six years of trying, it’s time to reduce his role as a starting receiver.

- Why isn’t starting tight end Kellen “body of a world-beater, hands of an egg-beater” Davis on the bench yet? Week after week Davis’ physical skills put him in position to make huge plays, then he drops the pass thrown his way. In my opinion, at least while the playoffs are a (however slight) possibility, the Bears are jeopardizing their chances by continuing to trot Davis out as a starter. Physical skills, absolutely. Football skills? Slight. Start Kyle Adams and begin working Evan Rodriguez in when in multiple-TE sets.

Finally, it just occurred to me this morning. This is only my opinion, but regardless of what anyone says, I think that Sunday’s game versus Green Bay will determine whether the Bears sneak into the playoffs as the wildcard or not. Yes, the Bears could lose to the Packers and still reach the playoffs by winning their last two games as long as some other cards fall their way. But I don’t think this is a possibility-because in my opinion I do not think they’re going to win at Detroit on December 30th. After seeing the Bears’ play at Minnesota, I am convinced they will not win on the road in Detroit.

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  1. There were rumors that Emery was in Minnesota and had a private meeting with Lovie. And, I’m pretty sure they weren’t discussing extension… There may be quite a bit of changes, and some unexpected. There is a new GM, and he’s not hooked to most of the roster or the staff. Hester’s time here may be ending, just like some other players. I’d rather focus on the last three games before this, but the odds aren’t looking good right now. But, in the NFL, trends change about as often as the wind blows.

  2. Let’s all talk about the elephant in the room: trading Greg Olsen away was one of the dumbest moves Jerry Angelo made. The guy may not have been a “game changer”, but he surely would have drawn some coverage off the receivers.

  3. Good talking topics – offensive minded head coaching candidates and lack of legitimate receivers. As pathetic as it is that we are sitting here talking about new coaching regimes with 3 games left as we still sit in the 6th playoff slot, I think we can all see reality and the writing on the wall.

    No idea on Chucky’s future plans, but I’d highly doubt he would come here and I thought there were rumors a few weeks ago about a return to the Raiders. And let’s remember that Chucky rumors have been around for years now, and I’ve never really believed in his hype. Inevitably, Lovie needs to be gone, and the sooner that happens the sooner the rebuild can start, though that assumes Emery knows how to do that, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t.

    As far as receivers, can anyone identify the last legitimate starting receiver we drafted and developed that was anything (and don’t say Olsen, he doesn’t
    count.) Then, look at the Packers, who for the same 20 years they have dominated our a*&es, have had a constant flow of receivers putting up monster numbers.
    Yes, having Favre and Rodgers helps, but that’s not the point – not just in the receiving game but across all areas, they know how to draft and develop talent, and have done this with many different execs in charge of this, and we have never been close.

    Add to that offensive minded gameplans and coaches that know what they are doing, and it’s not hard at all to see why they have dominated us forever and will continue to do so.

  4. The last legitimate starting WR was Tom Waddle who went undrafted. THere were guys who had a great year or 2 (Conway, Graham, M. Robinson, Booker) but no one as consistent as Waddle until Marshall came here.

  5. Way to trigger those ’91 flashbacks Steve. Of course, in ’91 we got into the playoffs as a wild card but were knocked out immediately. Something tells me we are heading to that same fate.

    Agree completely with the lineup changes – start Kyle Adams and put Hester back as a full time return man. He should be no higher than the 5th WR. Though to be fair to Hester, in the last 2 weeks we’ve seen Bennett and Jeffrey also drop sure TDs.

    I think we’ll beat DET, but fair chance we’ll get knocked out of the playoffs by the Redskins the final week anyway, assuming we lose to GB this week.

    If we lose to ARZ, Lovie should be gone before the press conference.

  6. Steve-believe me I loved watching Tom Waddle play. But of course you mean Waddle was the last legitimate starting WR (by Bears standards). We all have to admit he wasn’t physically a legitimate starting WR by NFL standards. Loved his hands and grittiness, and I’ll be damned if he didn’t get free for a couple of long TD receptions, one from Peter Tom Willis nonetheless. But that kind of epitomizes how bad the Bears’ roster was when Wanny took over. (And he made it worse, of course). And Andy, I agree with you on most everything-good point on Bennett and Jeffery dropping TD passes too-you’re right. Hester just has a bigger body of work in that area :).

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