Tougher Time with Rodgers? Doubtful.

A Chicago Tribune reporter whose name is no longer mentioned here wrote yesterday that the Bears will have a tougher time with Aaron Rodgers quarterbacking the Green Bay Packers than they would have had with Brett Favre.

I disagree.  Favre-all the way up to last season-always made every single player around him better.  Look what has happened with running back Ryan Grant.  Last year Grant ran for the most yards in the NFL by far in the games he started.  What has happened with Favre’s departure?  He looks like the pedestrian back he was before he hooked up with Favre.

Then take Thomas Jones, Jerricho Cotchery and Laveranues Coles in New York.  Jones is looking better than he ever did in Chicago, leading the AFC in rushing, and pretty pedestrian receivers are dominating there.

Yes, Favre would throw some nice interceptions to us at times.  But he shredded us for 16 seasons, and as much as Rodgers will kill the Bears defense if they can’t rush him or cover his receivers, I’ll take facing him over Favre.

Biggest game of the season, I’m ready.  Are you?

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  1. I’ve had Ryan Grant on my fantasy FB team since last year. He was very disappointing for the first half of the season, but he’s been turning it up recently. The coaching staff blamed it on his holdout, and then getting injured immediately. They said he had to get back into the groove, and he may have found his groove now – he’s averaged 4.5 yds/carry since their bye in week 8 and 2 TD’s in his last 3 games, we’ll see if he keeps it up…he can wait 1 more week if you ask me.

    I have Cotchery too, and while his TD’s are up, his receptions and yards are down from last year. I’d have to agree about TJ though.

    But still – I’d rather the Bears face Rodgers than Favre too. I’m not ready yet…have to pick up some V8 to go along with my vodka for Sunday morning – THEN I’ll be ready! Bear down!

  2. Packers 37 Bears 3.
    I’ve officially become a fair weather fan. This team deserves no higher form of loyalty.

  3. Unfortunately the Bears weren’t ready and they/we got our ass handed to us!!! Didn’t matter if it was Rodgers or Favre. What mattered is our guys weren’t prepared or motivated to play yesterday and it was evident from the opening kickoff. We stunk and left on the field exactly what we brought to the field, a heartless effort!!!

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