This is Once-in-a-Lifetime Territory, Folks

In 2001, had the Bears defeated the Eagles in the divisional round, and the Packers beaten the Rams, the Bears would have hosted the Packers in the NFC Championship Game.  I thought at that time, “How awesome would that be!!!”

In my lifetime, either the Bears and Packers have both been really bad at the same time (1970′s), the Bears have been good while the Packers were bad (1980′s), or the Packers have totally outclassed the Bears (1990′s and half of this decade).  I always told people that it would be great if both the Bears and Packers were good at the same time to bring back meaning to the rivalry.

So on both sides, let’s not forget this week what a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it’s going to be to enjoy this game.

Everyone in the world, outside of the Bears and their fans, thinks the Bears have no chance against Green Bay.  I already know that when the pregame show is concluding prior to the game, every one of the hosts will have a green G next to their name signifying the Packers as their lock to win the game.  Just as they did in September before the game that the Bears won.

I have to have full faith in my Bears, and I do.  But at the risk of some calling my attitude defeatist, I also have to steel myself against the potential of seeing the Packers crowned on our home field.  The Packers were dominant last week, they are a very good team, and the possibility certainly exists.  I will be crushed for a bit if that happens, and certainly I’ll be averting my eyes from the field when I dash for the exit.  But while I don’t know if I’m truly a well-adjusted adult or not, I do think that I’m well-adjusted enough to know this is a game over which I have no control.  It’s just a game, and I’ll recover, as it has no bearing on the blessings I have in my life.  I hope everyone else feels this way also.

Plain and simple, the best team on the field on Sunday is going to win the game, and that’s all there is to it.  Even better for the winner of the NFC Championship, now that the New England Patriots were stunned at home and out of the playoffs, the Packers or the Bears have a great chance of winning the Super Bowl.

Enjoy the week.   I told many last week that if the Bears and Packers were on tap, I would be tied in knots all week long.  It’s only Monday, and this is going to be a long and angst-filled six days.

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  1. Im with you Roy. It would leave a sick feeling to watch Green Bay hoist the Halas Trophy in Chicago. My two biggest fears going into this game: an ill timed Cutler “bad decision”, some kind of lapse or breakdown on the D- line. I sincerely hope that the coaching staff gets it through to Jay this week that the team cannot afford any kind of preventable mistakes. As for the defense, I hope that they can generate enough pressure on Rodgers up front without leaving the secondary exposed. That would be monumentally bad. I do however think that a big part of Rodgers stellar performance was due in part to playing in a dome on an artificial surface. Not taking anything away from him, he’s a magnificent QB but GB’s offense is built on speed which the turf allows. This will indeed be a loooong week. P.S.: To Mike Martz, please take those %^&*(* wildcat and halfback option pass plays out of the playbook. Forte throws a pick?! wtf?

  2. I’m not so worried, because no matter what happens, I don’t think we’ll be crushed by the Packers. The last game of the season gives me faith in that. I mean, that was a game that was meaningless to us but supremely important to them, and they just squeaked out a win. So I think that no matter what, the game will be close.

    That said, there is a good chance the Bears lose this game. But I’ll be okay if it’s a hard-fought game that we just don’t win. I don’t like the Packers, but I can handle it if we play hard and things just don’t go our way. I want to win, but I can handle it if we don’t.


  3. It’s Blue Monday over here in England – supposedly the worst day of the year. But it’s the best Monday I’ve had in quite a while.

  4. I just think it’s weird that we’re 3-point underdogs (and Peter King wrote today that, of the four teams remaining in the playoffs, we’re the fifth-best!) and clearly expected to lose when it’s a division rivalry game. Those can go any way, and it has very little to do with who’s hot or who played great last week. The phrase “any given Sunday” never means more than in these circumstances, and you’d think that someone would acknowledge that any hot team is more likely to hiccup against a division opponent. Which is true for us, as well — a few garbage-time TDs aside, I think we were just as dominant as the Packers were this weekend, so I’m not writing it off. But it’s not like the Packers are playing some rando team. They’re up against the guys who know ‘em best.

  5. I seriously think the Bears have a 50/50 shot at winning. I think if this game is played 10 times that the Bears would win 5…I just hope one of those comes this Sunday. Man alive this week can’t go fast enough.

  6. I cannot wait for the United States Packers to come to Solider Field on Sunday. Did you know the whole world is behind them? The Bears are just in their way. It’s comical that a team with as many flaws as the Bears get so much love. Whatever. Please pull the same story as they did for the NO game four years ago. The Bears always play better when they are disrespected anyway.

  7. Great game yesterday and it was terrific to see a fast start and complete domination to build a 4-TD, insurmountable lead, with defense shutting things down. Forget the 3 late TDs in garbage time. Cutler played as well as you can possibly expect a QB to play in the playoffs, and in addition to the called TD run, it should not be overlooked that his awareness to pick up + yards on the run in other situations is great to see, as well as our run game moving nicely.

    Looking ahead to this Sunday, agreed that no one back in August or September could have thought this team capable of doing what it has and getting to host a home title game with the chance to go the Super Bowl. Anyone who correctly predicted this after the awful Seahawks and Redskins home losses, collect your winnings in Vegas now.

    Predictably, the national media is already focusing on the perception that when we beat the Packers in September, it was because of all the penalties the Packers had, and the Bears getting these and other breaks. It wasn’t because Hester returned a punt for a TD and the Bears moved the ball when they needed to win a close game. The Bears were just lucky as always, everyone will be saying.

    And when they beat us, it was said that it was because the Packers played a great game, and they shut down our offense. The experts will say the Bears played all of their starters in an effort to knock the Packers out of the playoffs. Maybe there is some truth to that, but I don’t buy it 100%. The reality is that our defense shut down their run game and limited Rodgers and their offense to one 4th quarter TD, and they barely won a close game we did not need to win. Yes, our offense didn’t produce much and Cutler threw 2 picks. But I wonder and think Martz used a vanilla gameplan in the event we saw them again. I believe we are more than capable of winning this game. It’s going to be a tough week. I can’t imagine how jacked up I’m going to be next Sunday, and it’s going to be tough watching this one. The possibility of us losing is always there, but I don’t want to think about that. I would handle it much better that in the event we lost at home, it was to anyone else but the Packers because I completely despise them so much. But if we play like we’re capable, the unthinkable is right there for the taking. GO BEARS!

  8. I totally agree the Bears went vanilla in week 17, at least offensively. And, as Kenneth points our above, the Packers were playing for their lives. They held nothing back. It gave our boys (and a coaches) a real good look. That, to me, is a big variable in the Bears favor for the coming Championship game.
    Go Bears!

  9. Better Quarterback, Rodgers or Cutler?
    Better Pass Protection, GB or CHI?
    Better Running Back, Starks or Forte?
    Better Recieving Corp, GB or CHI?
    Better Linebackers, Hawk/Mathews or Urlacher/ Peppers?
    Better Pass rush, GB or CHI?
    Better Secondary, GB or CHI?
    Better Special Teams, GB or CHI?
    Better Kicker, Crosby or Gould?
    Better Better Coach, McCarthy or Smith?

    Good match-ups, should be a great game.

  10. Same feeling as Kenneth and jeff for the last game at GB.
    The outcome of this one, whatever it is, will be unthinkable, and as Perno mentioned, might be decided on a coin flip.
    Maybe Kellen Davis can send a Packer DB to the hospital as well; Martz might be game-planning this.
    Once in a lifetime…

  11. @Realist Fan: Only time will tell the final answers to your questions, but on Sunday night we will have those answers as to who was better on the day of the NFC Championship.

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