They Did it to Themselves…

So as of this writing, the Philadelphia Eagles are pounding the Dallas Cowboys 41-3 in the fourth quarter.  Thanks to a very improbable win by the Oakland Raiders at Tampa, if the Bears would have won, they would be in the playoffs in just a bit as a wildcard team.

But they did it to themselves by not taking care of their business.  They didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs, and the Minnesota Vikings ultimately deserved to be the NFC North division champs by doing what they needed to do, which the Bears did not.

I still maintain that it’s better this way.  If the Bears would have made the playoffs, it may have masked some of the gaping holes they have to address, starting with a defense that gave up 455 yards to the Houston Texans today.

I agree with some comments that the Bears really need to blow up this defense and not sit tight in the offseason, but I’m afraid they will go with the status quo.  So unfortunately I can’t expect much better next year.

But thankfully, I’ll probably be wrong, I hope so.  But it is difficult to think of what could be right now had the Bears just beaten an expansion team.

At least the Dallas Cowboys are embarassing themselves.  That makes me feel a little better.

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  1. This team lacks a pass rush, can’t cover receivers, lacks speed at receiver, and has a dink and dunk QB. After Grossman and Benson busted out, it looks like this team is a patchjob. They need to rehall the defense starting at coordinator, get rid of the high contract underacheivers and the lame players and start from scratch. If this doesn’t happen, we could end up almost like Detroit.

  2. I agree it’s a good thing the Bears didn’t make it to the playoffs, so now the management can’t keep saying “Hey, this is a playoff team, we only need a couple of tweaks” or something similar.

    However, I would have loved just one more week of Bears football instead of my current state of not caring about anything NFL-wise until training camp next year. Ah well.

  3. This coaching staff has got to go! Fired Ron Rivera after the super bowl loss, defense has gotten worse each year. This cover 2 garbage and prevent mentality cost them the season. Fire Lovie and his cronies and bring Mike Singletary home as the head coach to fire this defense up! This aint a talent problem on defense, the coaching just suck’s across the board. If not, we get another season of Fortee up the middle and no blitzing! Worst coaching staff ever!

  4. I just hope the team plane left “CHARLES TILLMAN” in Houston, like just about every receiver he covered left him in the dust.

  5. That pass defense was just atrocious. Mike Brown, though we love him, has got to go. He’s simply a liability. I’d rather they’d use that roster spot to develop a dependable starter. Oh well. Go Steelers, I suppose.

  6. It’s totally unrealistic to think that just because we didn’t make the playoffs, that Teddy and the genius leadership of this team are going to wake up today and reach a consensus that radical changes need to be made on both the coaching staff and personnel – that is never happening – even though that’s what’s needed. That’s why you always try to make the playoffs – not making them is not “masking” anything – simply put, the spot was there to be had. Look at what Lovie said yesterday – “we were 9-7, we were close”. He said the same thing last year at 7-9, and that’s what you get in Lovie’s ridiculous fantasy world.

    The effort was absolutely not there against a team with nothing to play for and they did not look focused on the task at hand. Forget about the scoreboard watching with the Vikings, Tampa, etc. – outside of the quick start, they were outcoached and outplayed the rest of the way. Tillman is a clueless joke and is absolute garbage out there who does not learn from past coverage blunders – yesterday’s first TD looked like almost a carbon copy of Berrian’s 99 yard TD, though Tillman did his best to sell the blame on Manning by pointing at him while Johnson ran it in. And again no pass rush. The Vikings didn’t earn anything – they were playing against reserves and should have lost, the Giants gave that game away. Speaking of a team that played focused and played like a playoff spot was on the line, the Eagles are going to pound Wade and Berrian into submission.

    No thought whatsoever needs to be given to giving Orton a long term deal of any kind. Players play with moderate pain levels and nagging injuries all the time, so placing all the blame for his well below average performance since the ankle sprain is a cop out. Draft a QB, give Orton a 1-2 year deal MAX, get some actual professional, productive receivers to work with, and go from there. On offense, the only workable parts are Forte and Olsen, and if he’s still around, Des.

  7. We need to start the off-season by getting rid of Ron Turner.. I would like to see his stats as an O.C.. I would bet that he has never been in the top 15 for total offense!! I agree also agree in the off-season we need QB WR and some D..

  8. Things that I would like to see this offseason are:
    -Firing Bob Babich
    -Firing Ron Turner
    -Signing an big time WR to be the #1 option
    -Drafting another O-lineman
    -Draft a WR

    With that we fix many glaring holes. We can add other defensive draft picks to raise behind our aging defensive players. We’ll likely need another safety to replace Mike Brown as Danieal Manning is an awful safety (Hes an ok nickelback and a good return man). Steltz seems to be too slow as a safety. We could probably use another DE and look into possibly getting rid of Ogunleye.

    Kyle Orton has one year left on his contract. I think we should leave it at that, give him one more year with a better WR corps and additionally protection. The offensive line did a decent job protecting Orton this season compared to their awful protection of all three QBs last season. However, the O-line was horrible at run blocking except for a few games this season (Mainly against Detroit @ home).

  9. And its a damn good thing the Bears did not make the playoffs as the 6th seed. Not only would they have got in and then have that excuse, they would have gone up to Minnesota and likely go and get creamed. No Mike Brown to stop the run, the fact Kyle Orton has horrible stats at the Metrodome…That right there says that we would have a very difficult time.

  10. I agree with scott. It’s an absolute must to get a big time WR!! We need to be getting in contact with Boldin and Housh ASAP…

  11. Scott, people in the same division can’t play each other in the first round, so you’re wrong, the Bears would lose to someone else completely :)

  12. Actually Perno, I dont think thats true, unless they changed the rule after 2006. The Eagles and Giants are in the same division and they played each other in the first round in 2006. The Seahawks and Rams played each other in 2004. So I think the Bears would have drawn the Vikings. Also if anyone remembers in 1994, the Bears played the Vikings in the first round.

  13. Look at it this way, next year we get to play the weakest NFC division with the Rams, 49ers, Seahawks, and Cardinals, and we get to play the AFC division with the Browns and Bengals, and we always get to play the Lions twice. Sounds like we’re winning at least eight!

  14. Just on the comment by Matt, you can find Ron Turner’s offensive rankings on where it is listed that in 95 the offense was ranked 9th and in 06 they were 15th. So twice he had an offense in the top 15. With that said though not defending Ron Turner by any stretch. I do not think the offensive woes were all his fault because I believe that it falls on the players on the field to see what is going on and adjust as well. Ron calls a play to run up the middle and the offense lines up and sees the defense crowding the middle, how about an audible or Forte seeing that and bouncing it outside instead. That is what happened with the Saints game. Pounding it up the middle and then in the second half another run up the middle instead Forte starts middle and bounces outside and bam biggest run of the game. Just saying it isn’t all on Ron Turner but maybe he has to tell the players to think for themselves every once and a while. Not like Peyton Manning runs the exact play called in everytime.

    If the 49ers get a little bit of an upgrade in QB this offseason I don’t like the Bears chances against them unless the defense is upgraded. Secondary, defensive end, outside linebacker, someone who can pressure the QB every play. Hate to say it having to live in Minnesota and deal with these so called “Viqueens fans” but a Jared Allen if you will. Dislike him as a Bears fan but if he was on the Bears, consistent pressure makes some of those blown coverages look ok for the time being. Browns would also be a scarry team if, and this is a pretty big if, Edwards catches at least every other ball thrown to him. Just making a point that can’t really look at next season and take that the teams listed from Higgins are going to be the same as this year. Wish it were a given but unless the Bears really make some moves I fear not winning at least eight.

  15. Many things need to change in 2009. First, the defense needs a whole new secondary, and someone who can pass rush. On the offense, they definitely need to bring in a QB that can scare defenses with the deep threat. Let’s face it, that is not Kyle Orton. He did a decent job some of the time, but he is quite predictable, and everyone knows he can’t throw a deep ball.
    Not to defend Turner, but I think he calls plays according to what his offense can do. Obviously, he can’t call to many roll outs or flee flicker plays with Orton at the helm. The Bears also need some tall, talented receivers to compliment the QB. Devin Hester is okay, and the rest are mediocre at best. Orton is a decent backup, but he is by no means a starter. Hey, I hear Matt Cassel (QB for the Patriots) is a free agent. Maybe with someone like that and some good receivers, the Bears may have a chance next year.

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