The Mother of Statement Games

Just saying.  Back in 1984, when the Bears knocked off the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Raiders, that game is still looked at as the game that marked the arrival of Chicago as a legitimate contender.

Now the situation would not be exactly the same, because the Bears were supposed to have arrived in 2006, but have faltered.  We all know they’re not an up-and-coming team; unfortunately the Bears are built to win NOW and whether it happens or not, they’re going to have to be rebuilt over the next few years.

If the Bears lose to the Patriots this weekend, as I mentioned yesterday, it’s not the end of the world.  BUT-it increases the need for the Bears to defeat at least Minnesota and the Jets, and for Green Bay to lose at least one of their remaining games.

However, if the Bears do defeat the high-flying Patriots, this one could not only be remembered as one of the greatest “statement games” for the Bears at least going back to the Super Bowl 20 era, but could propel the Bears to winning out the 2010 season.

3 Responses to “The Mother of Statement Games”

  1. At least the bears host the pats, which is huge. Pats have looked almost unstoppable at home.

    Did anyone hear the stat talked about in the lions game? The lions have now lost 19 straight divisional games. Lions are due! Break the streak on Sunday!

  2. The last game I can recall in recent years that was as close to a statement game was when the Bears hosted Seattle on sunday night football back in 2006. Seattle was the defending NFC champion/Super Bowl Runners up and the Bears showed up in that game, beating them 37-6 I believe behind the stellar play of Rex Grossman (remember that guy? lol)

  3. The last real “statement game” I remember from the Bears was back when we were who Denny Green thought we were…and they let us off the hook. He wanted them to crown our asses.

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