The Gatorade Shower

When someone invariably interviews New York Giants players about the claim that the 1986 Giants invented the Gatorade Shower, please remember, the 1984 Chicago Bears invented the practice, not the 1986 Giants.

When they first started claiming this, I clearly remembered it. On November 25, 1984, the 1984 Chicago Bears clinched the first Bear championship of any kind since 1963, and to celebrate, they doused Head Coach Mike Ditka with the bucket. I watched this clearly on television as a 13 year old. I have no idea how the Giants would think they could get away with claiming credit for this.

I have a lot of Bears games in my Chicago Bears DVD collection, but I don’t have that game. I may try to get it, and if I do, will certainly post a clip to debunk this myth that surely will be spoken of this week.

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  1. ……..still waiting for that clip.

  2. Delivered…see latest post!

  3. The Giants did it first. Jim Burt doused Bill Parcells on October 28, 1984. Here’s video:

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