The Day the 2007 Season Died

Monday morning’s update is coming Sunday night, because I’m not starting my week off thinking about the Bears. I’m actually going to try to forget the Bears entirely for Monday at least.

On a day when there were a slew of positives for the Bears: Cedric Benson looking like a running back for two plays, Bernard Berrian’s big day and unbelievable one-handed catch, and a surprisingly strong performance by Rex Grossman, any hopes of a wildcard berth in the playoffs for the Bears died.

Over the next two losses, we’ll hear from Bears players, coaches and officials that they’re not mathematically eliminated, and therefore still playing for the playoffs. But I won’t be hearing any of it. For me the remainder of the 2007 season should be to bench some horribly performing players (Benson, Fred Miller, Adam Archuleta for starters) and beating Green Bay. The Bears won’t beat Green Bay in the rematch at home, of course, but that’s all I have to hope for the remainder of the season.

I can’t remember the last time I was this frustrated with a loss. Mind you, I didn’t have the Bears winning in the first place, but it killed me to see them go up 10-0, then put on the brakes like since they already scored a half’s worth of points to them, they should just take it easy on the Seahawks.

A few more frustrating points:

Their fullback pulverizes our cornerback. When a Seattle cornerback is zeroing in on our fullback, he’s falling down in anticipation. Devin Hester breaks out, and is tackled by their kicker. Cedric Benson finally plays for two plays like he wants to contribute to the team, then the coaching staff yanks him for a good part of the second quarter.

Fred Miller is done. Thanks for a solid 2005 and a fairly solid 2006, Fred, but you’re done. You’re set to make 4.5 million next year so you won’t be back. I know we don’t have anyone better behind him, but why continue to play him and watch him be a turnstile for nothing.

The defense is a sieve. Seattle receivers were open all day long, on every single play it seemed. Our cornerbacks have zero interceptions this season. Adam Archuleta sucks. He sucks, and shouldn’t play any more this season. I liked his early sack, but with just over 5 minutes remaining he whiffed on a tackle in the Seahawk backfield.

At that point I turned the television off. I knew I couldn’t do it, and I had it back on within 2 minutes, but I don’t want to see Archuleta on the field for the rest of the season.

He will be, as will Miller, and we will hear that the playoffs are still possible until the Bears are 4-8 in two weeks. And this will continue to be the most frustrating Bears season I have endured for close to two decades.

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  1. I have to agree, it was probably one of the most frustrating losses since the Panther’s playoff loss in Jan. 2006. Seeing the team and the offensive line play so…offensive, made me flashback to the 80′ season. My first game that I watched (the hole game) was the Philly playoff loss, which set my sights high for the 1980 season. Real disappointment…DAMN. Too many bad things to discuss.

    Really enjoy your website…love the info and occasional humor :)

    Take care, and hope 2008 is better…start rebuilding again

  2. Don’t know where to begin other than to say there’s much better things to do with 3 or 4 hours of a Sunday afternoon than sit through this crap.

    Pure crap, top to bottom.

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