The Countdown Begins

It’s the final work day before the biggest NFC Championship game of most of our lifetimes.  After the week of buildup, I thought I’d have something really poignant and stirring to say.  But I guess I’m done for the week.  Just over 48 hours to gametime, and it will be time for the players to decide on the field who is worthy of playing in Super Bowl 45, regardless of what each team’s fans have to say about it.

This morning in an article by Dan Pompei in the Chicago Tribune, our very own coach Ditka sums up my feelings exactly when he says:

“There’s nothing [more] to talk about.  It’s the oldest rivalry in football.  They both have good teams.  There’s not much else to say; somebody’s going to win, somebody’s going to lose.  Somebody’s going to move on to the Super Bowl.”

“I think the team that protects the quarterback the best will win the game.”

And most importantly: “Right now, I’m picking the Bears to win the game.  I think the Bears are a lot better football team.  I think they are doing things better in every area right now.  If they don’t turn the football over, and protect the quarterback, they’ll be fine.”

Well said coach.  I can’t predict the winner, and there has been zero trash talk from this blog.  Win or lose, my life is going to go on.  It will just be a little more fun for a few weeks with a win.

One more thing, to the rest of you fans going to the game-MAKE THIS THE LOUDEST GAME YOU’VE EVER ATTENDED.  Only when the Packers are on offense, of course.

Let’s Go Bears!

13 Responses to “The Countdown Begins”

  1. I don’t know if I agree with Coach when he says the Bears are doing things better in every area right now. I’d say the Packers passing offense is probably smoother. The Bears pass offense is good, but the Pack’s is great.

    If the Bears win, will we feel this into it for the Super Bowl? I doubt it. Too much emotion going into this game for me.

  2. Can they say “Go Pack Go” when the Bears are on offense.

  3. Realist, see, that’s OK. I can accept good-natured ribbing or intelligent discourse. This rivalry is too great to stoop to mudslinging. I don’t think there will be any of that in the stadium. For God’s sake I hope not.

  4. This is definitely the most important game in most of our lives for both Green Bay and Chicago fans. The first 181 had their ups and downs, Game 182 should be epic.

  5. I’m curious how many Green Bay fans will be there. Hopefully there isn’t a lot of fights. This will be a heated battle for sure. It would be nice if the fans could get along without altercations but the only way to do that is to not serve beer. I’m pretty sure Packer and Bear fans both like to overindulge when it comes to dirking at a football game. That aspect will be interesting to see.

    Somebody should take a poll.

    How many arrests will be made?
    How many people will run out on the field?
    How many people will be sent to detox?
    How many people will remember, watching the game, on Monday?
    How many idiots will have thier shirts off?
    How many projectiles will be thrown on the field?
    How many gallons of beer will be sold?

    Whoever the main beer distributor is for soldier field must be licking thier chops for this one. Beer sales will be through the roof.

    I can’t wait until tomorrow, I do of course hope my Pack pulls it off but good luck to you guys anyhow. Such an even matchup that it may come down to who has the ball at the end of the game. This is one’s for the ages boys.

  6. Good Luck from England.

    I’ll be watching it on the television but I’d give my arm to be at Soldier Field tomorrow.

    If our O line can handle Green Bay blitzes then we will do fine.

    As we’d say here in the North East of England, Ha’way Chicago.

    As they’d say in Chicago, Go Bears.

    All the very best Bears fans

  7. Realist, I will remember watching the game on Monday, that’s at the top of my priority list for tomorrow. Enjoy the game. As I’ve been saying, the better team tomorrow will win.

  8. Agreed. Have fun Roy.

  9. Cutler is useless. Need a new q’back in Chicago. Forget about Superbowl as long as he is running this offense.

  10. You’re in need of a reality check son. The problem is and has been coaching and player development. If you truly believe Cutler isn’t a talent, it’s time to pick a new sport.

  11. Cutler has’nt got what it takes to succeed, GUTS!!!You play when the game is on the line unless you can’t walk. Cutler let every Bears fan down!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Brad, I think I’ll take up a new sport, maybe GIRL’S SOFTBALL

  13. How about with the torn ligament that he has? Jeopardizing the career of your franchise QB is always a great idea!