The Browns Beat the Patriots

Buried in all the reasons that the experts are correct in surmising the Bears cannot beat the Patriots linger a few rays of hope.  One of them is that the Cleveland Browns beat the Patriots.  The Browns beat the Patriots.  The Browns, quarterbacked by Colt McCoy, beat the New England Patriots at the start of November.

They didn’t necessarily shut down or embarrass Tom Brady.  They just scored early and often, and pounded the ball.  I can’t say I would put money on the Bears, but I know they have it in them.  And taking this game might very well have the Packers thinking they can’t win the division, even if they do beat Chicago at Lambeau on January 2nd.  This would mean so much if the Bears can pull it off…

2 Responses to “The Browns Beat the Patriots”

  1. Well i reckon anyone can beat anyone this season, just about.
    (Even the Lions have kept us busy….)

    Am gonna say that if we run well, then that opens up Knox deep and Earl over the middle, and with a bit of Jay scrambling, its game on.

    Or to make things easier, lets just get Brady hit hard early and often!

  2. With the horrible weather foreceast, it’s going to be a lot of short passes (and runs, but both teams like the pass), and it’s up to whichever team has the better Yards After Catch stat. Unfortunately the Pats specialize in that area, but with Earl and Hester showing up lately, good things can happen.

    I don’t know what it is, but I was way more excited for the Eagles game because I knew the Bears could beat the Eagles. This game I’m more nervous for since I see the Pats winning this contest at least 6/10 times. That’s why they play the game, right?

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