The 800 Pound Gorilla

Time to address the Kyle Orton controversy.

Orton seems to currently be the toast of the national media.  The unwanted, forgotten man in Chicago who was doomed to fail in Denver with a failing team.  Instead, Orton’s Broncos are 5-0 and the quarterback’s statistics currently make him look like one of the best in the league at the position.

And I’ve heard it myself, people are calling into sports radio shows in Chicago, livid, proclaiming that THEY KNEW Orton was the answer to the Bears’ 50-year quarterback dilemma and the Jay Cutler trade was a waste of draft picks.  Cutler is bound to be a bust and we’ve failed again by not sticking with Orton.

[Exhale].  I’m happy for Kyle Orton.  He was a steady quarterback in Chicago and seems to be a very upstanding individual.  I like what he did here for the most part, but the reality of it is he did not play in the Chicago the way he and his Broncos offense are playing in 2009.  Whether Orton can continue to put up his Pro Bowl numbers for the entire season in Denver remains to be seen.

If anything, I see his performance more as an indictment of the Bears’ offensive talent and potentially even offensive coordinator Ron Turner than of Jerry Angelo for making the Cutler deal.  Denver has a stunningly resurgent defense that is allowing the Bronco offense to win close games, and their offensive linemen and receivers are vastly superior to the Bears.

In my opinion, that’s the reason for Orton’s success, not taking anything away from the fact that he has performed remarkably well.  So good for him.

But would I personally undo the Cutler trade?  Hell no.  And I have a feeling the naysayers will agree before this season is over.

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  1. Give Kyle Orton receivers and a great offensive line and I told everyone he could do good things. I said he would likely never reach Pro Bowl status or lead a team to the Super Bowl himself, but could go along for the ride with the defense and not turn the ball over like Rex Grossman did with a great offensive line and decent enough receivers.

    His performance though has exceeded that of what I thought Orton could do with receivers and an O-line. That makes me think alot of our problems are Ron Turner related, especially when looking at playcalling thus far this season. We are still pathetic and the fact we have an all-world talent at QB now makes us look alot better than we are. Cutler is going to save Ron Turners job, and thats the sad part.

    As far as not making the trade. That would be unwise. Jerry Angelo’s track record in the first round is pathetic. So far, his best find is Greg Olsen. Tommie Harris is his next best fine, and would be an AWESOME pick if it werent for Harris’s continuing injury issue that has basically destroyed his career.

    And speaking of Orton being gone. Former first round pick Cedric Benson is the league’s leading rusher. Cincinnati has a great offensive line and receivers to open up running lanes for Benson. Again if Chicago has this, we run all over everyone.

    Instead we’re stuck with Frank Omiyale at LG who looks like he has no clue to what hes doing. We have inexperience at RT in Chris Williams, and Orlando Pace is on the border of being a has been. Pace can still put out a decent performance this season, but next season is what worries me in him.

    Angelo has a bad track record of drafting on the offensive side, and has in fact only drafted 3 offensive linemen in the first 5 rounds of the draft since he became GM (Colombo, Beekman, and Chris Williams). Angelo’s greater finds have always been in the later rounds and I think that track will continue. So to me its good we traded away 2 first round picks for an all-world talent at QB that we can build around (hopefully). We really won’t miss those picks in my opinion.

  2. You knew if Orton had any success, things would play out this way with the attention he’s getting – it’s the nature of the media to latch on to the story and then blow it out of proportion. Yes, Orton is putting up decent numbers and looks good. We all knew he was capabale of doing what he’s doing – which is nothing spectacular, and just playing within Denver’s system. His receivers are making him look good, which is what I saw in the Dallas and Patriots games.

    Maybe I gave the Patriots too much credit for still being one of the league’s elite, because they sure did not look anything like that Sunday. That said, I still see Denver finishing 10-6 or maybe 9-7. Predictably, I saw ESPN saying that every time in their history they have started 5-0, they have gone to the Super Bowl. Not happening. I have no problem with Orton, he’s a good guy and did the best he could here, that’s pretty much it.

    Benson was a loser here from Day 1 and was a terrible pick that showed Angelo’s drafting incompetence. Yes, he’s putting up some numbers and spouting off like he’s a changed man, but it won’t last. Just as everyone was on the Jets bandwagon 2 weeks ago, now everyone’s on Cincy’s train. Let’s check back on Cedric’s progress about week 14 and I think the story will be different.

  3. Would I personally undo the Cutler trade? Hell no as well. Orton is a good game manager, a smart guy. He played well for the Bears in the first half of last year, then he got injured and never rebounded. I’m glad for his success too, he seemed like a cool guy and could always grow one helluva neck beard. Now, Cutler is a potential elite QB and to have him around for the next 10 years will be an absolute joy. The guy can win games almost by himself. Orton will never be that guy.

  4. Let’s take a look at the biggest plays for Denver this year.

    Game 1 vs Cincy: Orton badly under throws Marshall 20 yards down field (sound fimilar)? The ball gets tipped, and it ends up in Brandon Stokley’s hand, and he runs the rest downfield.

    Game 4 vs Dallas: Orton over throws Marshall. Marshall jumps for it, and out runs five different Cowboy defenders for a 51-yard TD. All Marshal

    Last Sunday vs New England: Orton throws the ball in the wrong spot. Marshal jumps over the DB for the TD.

    There is NO way, none, that the Bears would be 3-1 with Orton running the show. Orton cannot make this offense look better. Cutler can, and has. Period, end of conversation. Denver is winning because their hideous defense is now #1 in the league. Now, that’s a story.

    As for Benson, his problem is that he never gave a crap. Now that he has to play for a contract, he’s running hard. Talent was never his problem. Him being an idiot and lazy was.

  5. I could not agree more : you just can’t beat Orton’s neckbeard.
    In 2008 i used to cross my fingers everytime he threw a pass; because of the way he gave a long gaze to his target, I expected at least 3 DBs to be all over the intended receiver before the ball got there an dI had trouble beleiving the completed passes. It seems like it surprisingly took teams more than eight weeks to believe he would actually trow to the designated target!
    In 2009 i’m better at ease when the quaterback is throwing (the first game is now far) and hence growing a good ol’neckbeard. I’m also very happy for Kyle because i liked his unselfish attitude and what he did for the Bears (those wins in 2005, that near-comeback at Atlanta in 2008).

  6. Kyle Orton comes from the same system as Drew Brees (Ok) this means if he’s protected he’s capable of throwing for 300 ypg, but honestly how long is this gonna last, the jury is still out on this broncos team, they can go 15-1 this season and people will still doubt, Kyle orton has a line and good running backs, Denver is 5-0 should be 4-1 but still they lead the AFC in defense, he doesn’t have to throw for 300ypg. A lil more consistentcy from Orton and he’ll be in the MVP talk

  7. The Bronco’s success has very little to do with Orton.
    Do not get me wrong, I like Orton. I also like Dane Cook, that doesn’t mean I want him playing QB for the Bears.
    The fact is Orton is being carried by the receivers that our boy Jay developed with his 500 passes per game last year.
    The Broncos defense played for Cutler like they are playing for Orton then The Miami Dolphins would have been breaking bottles of champagne whilst throwing a group temper tantrum last January.
    Also, do not forget that McDaniels is a pretty good head coach and can bring the most out of both sides of the football.

    I will stick with Cutler. I still think the Bears got away with grand larceny.

    GO BEARS!!!!

  8. I fully agree with Mark on this one. It was a lopsided trade (QB wise)
    but beneficial on both sides. Now we have two happy QBs with great systems to back them up. Is it Sunday Yet?

    Bear Down!

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