That’s Right…We Bad!

That headline is a reference to Stir Crazy, by the way. But very relevant to the 2007 Chicago Bears. We bad.

Keep this in mind, when I say an NFL player “sucks” (Adam Archuleta, Fred Miller come to mind), I fully admit this is coming from a guy that didn’t make his high school football team. I realize Fred Miller and Adam Archuleta are two of the best football players that have ever played the game at any level: every guy that has ever played in the NFL meets that criterion.

I wrote that because I was going to say Todd Collins sucks. And he just kicked the Bears’ ass. I say he sucks because I remember seeing him replace an injured starter in Buffalo in 1997 and absolutely stink it up. And the Bears made him look like Joe Montana tonight. As they’ve made third-string running backs look like Emmitt Smith many times this year.

We now OFFICIALLY GONE in 2007. It seems very anti-climactic for me to write that, since I’ve been saying that since mid-October. Get used to your 5-11 Chicago Bears, defending NFC Champions.

As Chris Collinsworth said tonight, and I loved this quote: “There is professional football, and unprofessional football. The Bears are playing unprofessional football, and it’s embarassing.”

I loved Mike Downey’s article in the Tribune this morning, so please read it here. Sums it up pretty well. As other NFL teams are resurrecting themselves and playing solid football, the Bears have pointed fingers, been penalized and blamed everyone else for their problems in 2007.

I will leave this Blog for at least the next three days with this final thought. Was I doing too much Meth from September 2006 to February 2007? Because I swear I remember the Chicago Bears playing solid football in 2006, going to Super Bowl 41, and bringing most of their players back this season. But maybe I was hallucinating.

Of course I’m being facetious. Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo aren’t responsible for key injuries on defense. But they hitched their cart to an aged offensive line, a petulant and overrated running back, and Adam Archuleta. And now it’s all a joke.

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  1. That’s right, the Bears suck – it’s official. At the end of the day it just makes me rather sad. :-(

  2. I was also thinking the same thing. In February the Bears were playing for the Super Bowl and now they’re playing at an AFL arena near you. Without a doubt, atop the offseason priority list should be an offensive tackle/guard. Forget the quarterback position. It doesn’t matter if it’s Griese or Grossman, or hell you could put Tom Brady behind center, if the offensive line can’t cut it, then nobody will have any kind of success trying to put points up on the Board. It looks set the the Bears should secure at least a top 15 pick in the ’08 draft. The positions, in order in terms of need, should look like this: OT/OG, RB, S, WR

  3. Grossman, in my opinion, has proven his dedication and resilience. He has the NFL arm, and has gotten generally better. Both QBs have been plagued by the terrible O-line, dropped passes every game, and absolutely ZERO help from the RBs. I agree that the QB position is near the bottom as far as priorities go–we need O-line, RBs, and receivers.

  4. Could this be the most dissatisfying year ever of being a Bear fan. I can’t think of a more depressive season in my life. [and there have been many] Why couldn’t McFadden of Arkansas come along the year Benson was drafted. The Bears for some reason seem to think that a straight ahead runner is the way to go, but we found that you cannot have that in your primary back. Benson did very well in his role in ’07, but not as your feature back. Of course with no holes made by your lineman, Adrian Peterson [Vikings] would have been injured a long time ago and put on IR. I, [as with every other Bears fan] have ideas that will improve the team but no one in the Bears office will ask for help, [since they know it all anyway, just ask them, they will tell you] other than the obvious, [lineman] they need wide receivers [I used to think that the Bears coaches in the past thought they could take cow turds and turn them into NFL quarterbacks, now the coaches think they can do the same with wide receivers] they must of thought Randy Moss wouldn’t amount to anything. [of course he wouldn't want to have anything to do with this team anyway] And do I have to say anything about Adam Archeletta, what a putz, I thought Washington screwed up and signed him to a big contract before ’06, now I know that the Bears [can you say Lovely] are bigger idiots than Dan Snider’s Redskins. I’m glad this season is over. [actually it was over a long time ago, I just didn't want to face reality] There is a lot of work to do to clean up this mess known as the ’07 Bears. Get lineman, wide receivers, and another running back that has the shiftiness and moves to get away from the eight man fronts that the Bears face every week.

  5. I’m not happy about this season, obviously, but like it or not, it’s the NFL. This is not uncommon. This is an interesting stat. From the 2000-2005 season, there have been 12 teams that made it to the Super Bowl. Eight missed the playoffs the following season. And, if you want go back to 1998, the ratio would be 10 out of 16 that missed. And, isn’t it funny that QB is not the biggest problem on the team right now? The Bears are actually ranked 14th in the league in passing yards. They are near the bottom in rushing yards, and total defense. It will be an interesting off season.

  6. Ok, now that the Super Bowl is over, can the Bears front office, [can you say Angelo] jump all over the free agents that are required for the Bears to improve for ’08. I am ready now to here about the signing of Michael Turner as the Bears ’08 starting running back. Just a few years ago didn’t the Bears jump on Muhammad right at the beginning of free agent signings. So jump all over Turner, he will be the main attraction for the ’08 Bears.

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