That’s a Wrap

They made it fairly entertaining.? Brian Urlacher, God Bless ya (on the football field).? You showed heart.

I could say so many more things, some positives, many negatives.? But I’m done.

Bears-why don’t I take some time off from following you and giving you my money, and you let me know when you decide to get an offense for the first time in like 50 years.? (Well, you did have an offense in 1995, so we’ll make that the second time in like 50 years.? Not counting any season you had the one-man offensive team in Walter Payton).

You have zero quality NFL quarterbacks.? Zero running game.? One-half of a quality NFL receiver and he’s a free agent.? (And he can’t fight for a ball up in the air any better than I can).? Zero offensive line.? A promising rookie tight end you rarely use for some reason.? A rookie running back with speed you took three rounds too early in the draft that weighs 170 pounds, and you give him his limited carries on your own three yard line.

Are you still in this thing on your way to 5-11 Lovie?? Love that stoic look on your face buddy.? Don’t worry, you have a guaranteed job until 2012.

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